A Slippery Little Sucker

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Hae Da Fung, Day 37. Denise strips to her underwear and jumps in the water while voicing over that it hurt her feelings not to be invited to eat with Amanda, because they haven't had much food. And then she launches into a big old sob story about how, as a kid, she was always picked last in games and she wasn't popular, so being included in this group of people has been great, but at this point, "there is going to be somebody left out." Right here is where, if Todd and Amanda were listening, they'd get their first hint of just what's going to happen to them, because any time someone is using Survivor to relive her painful formative experiences of childhood kickball, somebody's getting a face full of bitter at the final tribal council. As Denise and Courtney lie around complaining about how hot it is, Denise comments that she'd believed Todd was close with Courtney, but now it seems like it's him and Amanda. She apparently is trying to plant a seed of doubt in Courtney's mind about the closeness of her relationship with Todd, which is stupid, because how does it reflect on Courtney and Todd's relationship who Amanda brings to eat? Think, Denise -- Todd didn't choose Amanda. Courtney asks Denise whom she wants to vote off, and Denise says, "Todd." That drives me insane. She's been presented with numerous opportunities to vote off Todd, and she's declined them all on the theory that she could beat him in an F3 situation, and now she's decided to make her big move? Unbelievable.

As Todd and Amanda speedboat back from the reward, Todd interviews that he has no way of knowing for sure whether he can trust the women he refers to as "my girls," or whether they're going to turn on him. He will have to hope. He returns to camp and immediately starts complaining about the heat. I'm not sure Denise and Courtney are all that impressed with the post-feast whining.

Later, Todd gives Denise a speech that I truly respect him for getting through with a straight face, in which he tells her that "it hurts" that he's going to have to vote for someone. It hurts! Feeeeel for Todd! Todd has feelings, and is hurting! He pouts that he's afraid they'll "go all girl power" with the vote, because obviously, hysterical females ganging up on him with their terrifying uteruses and clubbing him with tampon-filled handbags is the only reason he might get voted off. Denise asks him who he thinks has the best shot at winning in front of the jury. "Amanda or Courtney," Todd says. That's such a dumb question for her to ask him; it's not like he's going to tell her what he really thinks: "Well, Denise, I think I have the best chance of winning, so...hint hint!" She tries to parlay this into a claim that she and Todd should vote one of those two out. She doesn't get, apparently, that Todd (1) won't mention himself, for the reason stated above, and (2) won't mention Denise, because that would make her aware that he's planning to vote her off for fear of facing her, so "Amanda or Courtney" is what he's going to say, no matter what he really thinks. It turns out that Courtney is nearby, listening in on this conversation (way to sneak, Todd, you crazy genius!). She interviews that she heard her name go by in this Todd-Denise exchange. She further says that that "slippery little sucker" Todd tends to "weasel his way" into things.

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