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They reach Jean-Robert's torch, and Amanda smiles and says she thinks he'll be "the player most changed after this." Courtney says she sure hopes so. Heh. Jean-Robert tells us that he's very astute about other people's feelings. Oh, very.

"You're my munchkin, and I absolutely adore you," Courtney says to Frosti's torch. Frosti's torch: "[Cold silence]." Frosti tells us that this helped him on his own path, and honestly, I don't think Frosti needs Survivor. My sense is that that kid will be fine. A little odd, but in a good way. I was intrigued by you, Frosti, and I'm sorry that your body is being thrown on the pyre with the rest of the deceased contestants.

They get to James's torch, and Denise insists that he was a "great big giant teddy bear" underneath it all. James tells us that dealing with the other people was the hardest part for him, but he's learned that he can indeed deal with other people, even when they're still alive and not inside locked boxes.

At Erik's torch, Amanda talks about what a nice, sweet guy he is, and how genuine. Erik says he tends not to be a risk-taker, so this was a big deal for him. Also, he is a virgin. No, he doesn't say that.

The group continues to deny any props to Peih-Gee, with Courtney being the only one to step up and say that she admired Peih-Gee for being a tiny person and still being such a fighter. Peih-Gee talks about the terrible odds she faced and the way she at least made herself proud.

Please note that of the twelve people they just discussed, Courtney, Amanda, and Denise all had at least one person of whom they spoke with genuine warmth; Todd had nobody. For all his "I love everyone" posturing, he has nothing nice to say about anyone when they're not there to be sucked up to, and he just proved it. His bullshit comment about Chicken and his snide sideways slam at Jaime were all he had to offer up. Well done, Glurge Miser.

Jeff calls everyone in for the final immunity challenge. They each take their places at stations where there's a sort of a rod with a handle on one end and a stack of dishes. And...commercials. What will happen?

When we come back, Jeff takes back immunity from Amanda. Jeff says this will test each person's ability to focus on what they're doing and tune out distractions. He says that in the challenge, you balance a stack of dishes on a long arm with a swivel point in the middle and a dish-sized wooden platform on the end opposite your hand. You stack dishes one at a time as Jeff instructs, and you have to balance them by holding onto the opposite end of the swing arm. The dishes fall, you lose. Finally, we are ready to begin.

They start by each putting a large plate on their platforms. Then a bowl. This is going to get really boring. I interrupt this heart-pounding balancing action to tell you that Todd looks more like a Monchichi than ever, and Amanda's hat looks like she bought it at a 4 Non Blondes Going Out Of Business Sale. More and more dishes are stacked. At 27 Minutes Elapsed, Todd looks wobbly. Another small bowl is added. Todd's not steady, and now his dishes are tipped to one side, so...only a matter of time, there. "You have nothing to do but dig deep," Jeff Probst intones seriously, as if it's the first stage of the Everest climb, and up at the top is a potion that will cure cancer and can be used on popcorn instead of butter. First to lose his stack of dishes is Todd, which was a while in the coming and not a surprise by the time it happens. Worse at the concentration challenge than anyone...that kind of makes sense.

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