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Hae Da Fung, Day 38. Amanda tells us that while she's excited to have immunity and a guaranteed spot in F3, she's concerned that whoever leaves will blame her, because she's the "free vote." Todd and Amanda wander off into the woods together, which leaves Amanda and Denise in the shelter. Denise interviews that the rest of the group is pretty much younger than she is, and she's the "old lady." So she feels left out, but she hopes to sway Amanda. She approaches Amanda and sits down to talk. "You already got a deal with everybody else?" she asks. Amanda tells Denise she hasn't decided yet whom she wants to vote for. She tells Denise that she "put up a really good fight today." Amanda says she admires Denise and the way she doesn't give up.

And here's where things go bad for Denise, who gives this speech: "I mean, everybody's gonna have things that they can still do. You know what I mean? But this is all I've got right now. I'm not gonna have much after this. You know, that's the only thing. Todd's going to have a career in L.A., you're gonna do your fashion line. This is all I got. I gotta go back to my family." NOT YOUR FAMILY! "I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I'm just saying, you know, that I'm gonna go back to making seven dollars an hour working as the lunch lady, doing the same things day after day like I've been doing." It's sort of appalling to watch this and realize that for a while before she left to come on the show, Denise was already working in a different job by choice, not as a lunch lady, and was making $17 an hour, not $7. I'm not saying $17 an hour is a ton of money, but it's the difference between "practically minimum wage" and "not," and no matter how many times I see this, I just can't get over the fact that she flat-out lied like this in a quest for pity. I mean, working as a janitor isn't embarrassing, and working as a lunch lady isn't embarrassing, but this? This is really, really embarrassing.

At any rate, Denise has just treated Amanda to a sneak preview of the sympathy plea she will make in front of the jury, so as much as Amanda feels bad for this sort of pathetic person who's willing to make herself as pathetic as possible, she also knows more than ever that there's a huge risk of a giant pity party if she takes Denise to F3. Amanda interviews that Denise "has played a great game" (for Amanda, I'm assuming she means) and has been "honest," so she'd love to take Denise. But she can't take Denise. Amanda tells Denise she needs "a little time to think about it."

As Denise takes a walk, Todd, Amanda, and Courtney have a talk in which Todd tells them he's voting for Denise. Courtney says she is, too. "The three of us to the end?" Todd asks. "All right, just like we wanted." "You guys can tell her whatever you want to tell her," Todd says. "You can tell her the truth, I don't know." "I'll tell her the truth," Courtney says. "I mean, is that okay with you, Amanda?" In a weird little sequence, Amanda starts to say she doesn't want to "do that," and Todd jumps in all, "Because you don't want a bad mark from her?" and Amanda says "No," and it's not clear if "No" means "Yes, that's why," or "No, that's not why." But in any event, Todd's like, "Do whatever you want," and it ends there. Todd voices over that Amanda "holds all the cards right now," which is sort of true and sort of not true, in that any of them can force a tie, but only Amanda would know that the tie wouldn't involve her. Her position is somewhat better, but that doesn't change the fact that Denise is on the block because of all of them, not because of Amanda.

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