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Previously on Shanghai Surprised: Everybody started out in Shanghai, where they were left in their regular clothes, which came as a shock to everyone who showed up braless in cocktail dresses, Jaime. From there, it was basically the world's most boring Pagonging, in which nobody from the losing tribe really tried to get up a revolt, and nobody from the winning tribe who clearly wasn't going to make it to the end particularly cared that they weren't going to make it to the end, and there wasn't even a really good along-the-way booting like Edgardo or Leann or one of those.

Credits. For some reason, someone felt it necessary to caption the final four with their occupations: Todd "The Flight Attendant" (in reality: desperately aspiring media personality), Denise "The Lunch Lady" (in reality: janitor), Courtney "The Waitress" (in reality: aspiring media personality), and Amanda "The Beauty Queen" (in reality: aspiring media personality). It's interesting that everyone was referred to by occupation except Amanda, whose current occupation, whatever it may be, was thrown over in favor of mentioning a past status. I mean, at least the rest are all jobs, but I doubt Amanda's current paychecks come from the Beauty Queen Company. In any event, as I look thoughtfully upon the faces of the jury, I think to myself, "Wow. Not only do I not care, but I haven't cared in weeks and weeks."

Hae Da Fung, Night 36. Two frogs discuss tribal council, where Peih-Gee was voted out. "Guys, we actually did it," says one frog. Oh, wait. That's a voice-over from Todd, who's coming back with the rest of the F4. They all congratulate themselves on what a great plan it is, and the great part is, they can now all play as a team, because nobody else has to be voted off! And so it goes in DeniseLand, where Denise is living. "DeniseLand: Where Four Equals Three, Forty Is Old, And Everybody Gets Mac And Cheese!" Courtney interviews that she figured on coming in last, and now she has a one in four chance of winning. She learned probability, you will note, from Jeff Probst. They share a group hug, and Todd literally says, "I love us." By which he means, "I love myself, and all that I see of myself in you." Courtney tells the others that these four were "the bottom of the totem pole from the beginning," which is...a lie, which probably explains why Denise, who has dual citizenship in Hey I Notice There Is A Fire Burning Up Your Pantsylvania, agrees with it. Courtney interviews further that she would love to win immunity in the last challenge and wind up in F3 with the necklace. That's thinking, there. Never let it be said that teeny girls aren't crafty.

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