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The End Of The Axis Of Alex

Cassandra now chats with Earl, who's basically like, "Please tell me you're not considering this." She claims that she isn't. She also wonders why "Dreamz" is trying so hard to keep Alex in the game. Earl doesn't think he is -- isn't "Dreamz" getting all the winks? "Dreamz" tells Alex elsewhere about Earl's winking, and how this clearly was Earl's signal that he was not "down with the plan." At the same moment TV-wise, Earl is telling Cassandra that they have a perfectly good plan, and that screwing with it would be a huge mistake. Earl tries not to strong-arm her, telling her that she's going to have to make her own choice, but he's certainly voting for Alex. Cassandra interviews that as a result of Earl and Yau Man's close friendship, they're going to have to sneak up on Earl if they're going to do the Yau Man plan. She acknowledges that her head and her heart are sending her very different messages.

Tribal council. We bring in the jury. Mookie looks really frat-punk. He's one of those guys who wears his propensity for giving noogies on his sleeve. Jeff starts by challenging Alex on his vote against Mookie last week. Alex gives a general "I'm just fighting hard" defense. Jeff asks Yau Man whether he's concerned about "something dramatic" happening as a result of the arrangement of six people plus Alex, making Alex all-important swing-vote guy. Yau Man says that he's decided to trust his alliance, and while he thinks one or two people might be flippable, he thinks that three aren't -- and he sure hopes he's right. Heh. "Dreamz" is rather not-subtle when he's called on, and he just wants everyone to know that it's VERY possible that three people could flip. Jeff asks Alex what he did about his back being to the wall, and Alex is all "that's for me to know and you to find out" about it, and I'm so tired of him.

Jeff asks about the hidden immunity idol. Jeff points out that the idol kind of makes you safe, but it can also kind of make you a target. Yau Man says he's not feeling "the pressure" right now too much, but he anticipates feeling it starting next time. Which is sort of inviting them to vote for him tonight, but...they don't really have time to talk about that. Jeff asks Alex whether there's "chatter" about the newly re-hidden immunity idol. Because Alex has nothing to say, he vamps about how dangerous idols are in general. AND YAU MAN HAS ONE. He just didn't want you to forget that. Jeff asks Alex whether he's surprised by how comfy the other six people appear, and he says he's "very surprised." What's great is that he sort of chastises them for not understanding the game, which is a pretty weird shot of condescension from a guy know. Kind of lost the entire game after having a huge advantage. Jeff asks everyone whether they're "legitimately concerned," and everyone says "no" except Alex. Of course, when Yau Man answers, the Rattlesnake Of Not So Fast rattles in the background.

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