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The End Of The Axis Of Alex

Time to vote. No voting for Boo! Alex votes for Yau Man, which is "nothing personal," of course. Boo votes. Stacy votes. Yau Man votes for Alex: "Goodbye. It's finally time for you to go." Earl votes. "Dreamz" votes. Cassandra dramatically votes. Time to tally the votes! When Jeff returns, he asks if anyone wants to play an idol. No one does. First vote is for Alex. Then Yau Man. Then Alex, Alex, and Alex, and that will do it. Mookie makes a sad face. Snuff! Go home! Booooooo, lawyers! Jeff says that now, it's time to "start sharpening those knives." Sigh.

In his parting words, Alex tells us that he tried his hardest, and that kids should never stop dreaming. You only wish I were making that up. He insists that the rest of them are "dreaming" if they think they won't have to backstab.

Next time: "Dreamz" is still angling to get rid of Yau Man. Yau Man tries to "make a deal." "Dreamz" probably says some more stuff, and Earl probably tries to ignore it.

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