A Smile, Velvet Gloves And A Dagger In My Pocket

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The End Of The Axis Of Alex

Elsewhere, weirdly, Stacy goes all suck-up with the least powerful person in the group, telling Alex that she doesn't want there to be "a rift" between them (or between they, actually, since she says "between you and I"), because she says that she can admit she's wrong if she's wrong. Wrong about what? I don't understand her. Last week, he was lucky if he got fed. Now she's trying to stay on his good side? I guess she's going for the jury vote. Awesomely, Alex interviews that Stacy came up all wanting to make amends, but he tells us of his own response: "Like I care." Yeah, why would he care? She's only the one person out of the other six people now in this game besides you who's showing you an overture. Why would you respond to that with anything other than hostility? I mean, honestly. It's kind of sad that Alex got his one overture from the one person everyone has literally already said they hate on a quiz. That was, in a sense, graded. That has to hurt.

The Earl-liance is observing this hush-hush chat between Stacy and Alex, and Boo comments that he doesn't think the two of them should be off doing this verbal canoodling. Earl tells Boo to go break it up. Boo plods over to where Stacy and Alex are talking, and he adopts the following brain-on-a-hamster-wheel strategy for breaking up their discussion: "Stacy, I think everybody wants to talk to you when you're finished over here." "Who's 'everybody'?" she asks, annoyed. Boo: "Everybody besides you and Alex." Ha! Boo certainly did take that spy mission seriously. They told him to go break it up, and HE BROKE IT UP, DAMMIT. When you tell Boo to break up a mofo, the mofo gets broke up. Alex know-it-alls that he can tell that the Earl-liance is arguing, so they're clearly not "in agreement" about what to do about him. For some reason, he seems to see it as good news when people can't quite agree on the most efficient way to dispatch you. Alex is sure that this will give him an opportunity to break the six-person group. When Stacy comes over to find out what they want to talk to her about, they don't have a great answer (nice job, Boo), and Alex continues to voice over that he can just sit here and ride the arguing among the Earl-liance. He's home free, baby! Home free! Stick to the plan! He says that he'll be playing with "a smile, velvet gloves, and a dagger in my pocket." As was pointed out on the boards, the saying about the velvet gloves really requires the accompanying iron fist, or else you're just "a fop" (as the boards said) or "a character from a novel involving dueling" (as I would say). Maybe it's the same thing.

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