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The End Of The Axis Of Alex

Alex and "Dreamz" talk, and for some reason, Alex thinks that "Dreamz" is in charge of who goes. "Dreamz" says that it will be Alex, even though "Dreamz" wants to be rid of Boo. So Alex is like, "It's me or Boo?" even though "Dreamz" has not suggested that anyone else has any inclination to vote for anyone but Alex. Alex wants "Dreamz" to advocate for him and against Boo if Boo doesn't win immunity. "Dreamz" tells us that he never liked Boo, and he likes Alex, so he wants Boo to go first. Anyone else? Anyone? No? Alex and "Dreamz" agree that Alex should try to win the immunity idol. Now that's a better plan. "If Boo wins immunity today, I think I'm pretty much screwed," Alex says.

Aaaaand...immunity challenge time! Everyone gets settled, and Earl is brought back from Exile Island. Jeff takes back immunity from Stacy. (I know! Remember?) The course they're looking at has a lane in the sand for each person. You dig in your lane to uncover three "paddles" per person that are actually climbing steps that you'll insert into holes in a pole to get up the pole. Boo's "advantage" turns out to be that he has his paddles already. The first two people to dig up their paddles will join Boo in the finals, where each person will try to get up a tall pole using those climbing paddles. Alex is digging like a wild animal; Cassandra is barely touching anything. "Cassandra, digging like a small rabbit," Jeff commentates at one point. "Dreamz" manages to get two of his paddles before anyone else gets any. In fact, he gets his third before anyone else gets any. So he's going to the final with Boo. Yau Man, never a guy you want to underestimate, gets one of his paddles. Alex gets one. Cassandra? Still not trying. Alex gets another. "Cassandra, just waiting for it to be over," Jeff says, and I'm beginning to wonder if he's working on a Lydia-like hate for Cassandra. ["Which would be utterly off-base, considering Cassandra's actually working a pretty good strategy rather than just going with the flow like the fishmonger did." -- Joe R] Alex gets his final step, so he's going to the final with Boo and "Dreamz."

Final round. Alex tries the strategy of partially ignoring the steps and just trying to shimmy up the pole. He makes it a good part of the way, but then he just can't quite make it to the top. For his part, Boo is just plodding his way up the pole. And the first to grab the flag at the top of the pole! No, not "boo" to the outcome -- "Boo" is who it was. Silly. Jeff calls the method they were using "not the easy way to do this challenge," I guess because they weren't using the climbers in a totally logical fashion, but were skipping a lot of holes along the way. Boo goes over and collects his immunity idol without, as Jeff points out "waiting for an invitation." So Jeff hates him now. Rude! None shall pass! So one of these other people will be going home later, and it won't be Boo. Cassandra consoles the obviously dead-in-the-water Alex.

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