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The End Of The Axis Of Alex

Back from commercials, sharks eat fish. It's Bula Bula. It's Day 33. The group returns from the challenge, and Yau Man happily interviews that everything is good, because the intended bootee didn't win immunity. Earl confirms with the Earl-liance that they're all voting for Alex. Boo jokes that maybe he'll give Alex the necklace. "I'll freakin' tackle you," Earl vows. Heh. Yau Man tells us that he's feeling safe, so he sees no need to use the immunity idol.

As we watch Yau Man work on the fire, we also watch Alex watching Yau Man hungrily. Alex interviews that while his situation is quite grim, he's still playing strong. No begging, because "that's not the way it works." He says that his plan is to sit back and wait for people to approach him, which he's confident they will. Indeed, as Alex lounges around, Cassandra comes to see him, bearing a grin and her regrets. She tells him that he has a lot to be proud of, and Alex says that he "tried to be a gentleman." Oh, boy. He says he tried to be honorable: "Give my kids something they could be proud of someday." (Alex's Future Kids: "Where's our million bucks, you loser?") Alex announces to Cassandra that he doesn't think Yau Man will take "Dreamz" "to the end." I don't know what he means by "the end," exactly. F4? It's very unclear. Alex "informs" Cassandra that Yau Man is going to take Boo or Stacy to F4.'s the thing. Yau Man, even with the damn idol, cannot single-handedly "take" one person or another person to F4. Remember, Yul's big idol-having power move came when there were two big teams fighting over the swing guy and Yul himself was the person that one of them was determined to vote out. This is not that situation. Yau Man can only use the idol in this tribal council, or in one of the next two. Nobody is currently planning on voting him off, meaning the idol may very well not get played at all. Yau Man is already in an alliance that already intends to take him to F4. He doesn't need the idol to get to F4, and he can't necessarily pick and choose between Boo/Stacy and "Dreamz," contrary to what Alex is implying. Also? Boo and Stacy aren't going to take "Dreamz" to F4 either.

Aaaanyway. Alex also tells Cassandra that he thinks that either "Dreamz" or Earl won't be taken to F4. Here, of course, he shows his hand as far as how little he knows, because Cassandra now knows that he doesn't know about the close bond between Earl and Yau Man. But Alex tells Cassandra that if she wants to make a "power move," this is her moment. Cassandra interviews that Alex didn't do a bad job with his incredibly last-ditch effort at staying around. She said that he made a pretty good cause about Yau Man having the idol and keeping Boo and Stacy and so forth. Earl joins this discussion with "Dreamz" and Cassandra and Alex, and Alex explains how if you don't get rid of Yau Man now, you never will, because Yau Man will "take out" Earl or "Dreamz." How this will be accomplished is not explained, really. Alex claims that either next time or the following time, Yau Man will "trade" Earl or "Dreamz" for Stacy or Boo. Again, both how and why Yau Man will do it this way is not explained. Alex insists that Yau Man will know he can't win against either "Dreamz" or Earl. Yau Man can't win against "Dreamz"? Bullshit! You think Lisi and Edgardo and Mookie are going to vote for "Dreamz" over Yau Man? I find that hard to believe. Mookie and Edgardo both see "Dreamz" as a backstabber, unless Alex talks them out of it in sequester.

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