A Tale Of Two Cities

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We're back at camp on Day 36. Kathy struts about like she owns the place -- which, at this point, she kind of does. In a confessional, she tells us she's the "core fifth player," with two pairs on either side of her. She explains that she's been with Neleh and Paschal since the beginning of the game, but that their bond puts her in a dilemma. She says "[her] other two people" have also been together from the beginning, and they insist that their bond is not strong, "yet they're both African-Americans." Huh? Kathy is weighing the issues, and needs to make a decision. Then, suddenly, they're already heading off to Tribal Council, so we know we're in for a long one. But who knew it'd be so amusing?

Tribal Trill, and the group looks so small! Peachy brings in the jury, who look like a biker gang. Maybe it's Halloween. Not that Robert -- who looks huge here -- doesn't look like the member of a biker gang normally, anyway.

Peachy calls them to attention, and then singles out Kathy as the swing vote. He points out that the others have been vying for her attention, and wants to know what she's thinking. She calls the "layers" facing the S5 "ridiculous," and says that the strategy is the first thing; she needs to "dissect" how she's going to fare among the two pairs. Peachy thinks it's ironic that she's the safest one out there, and yet she has immunity. He snits, "You're not in any danger, and you're wearing this very valuable thing," which I don't think is exactly true, since the others could want to vote her off because she's so good at the challenges. Anyway, Peachy asks whether Kathy has ever thought about "utilizing" the value of the necklace in another way. She answers that she's always up for negotiating if someone comes to her, and then climbs on her soapbox to point out that no one has. She preaches, "If it's a game, and people are playin', and they wanna win, nobody has talked to me!"

Peachy asks whether anyone wants to proposition Kathy now, and Sean's hand immediately shoots into the air. Peachy wants to know what Sean's offering Kathy, and Sean says that if she gives him her immunity, he won't vote for her, and they'll go to the top together. Peachy points out that such an alliance would only account for two votes, and thus would be useless, since they'd still be outnumbered. Sean says he's not going to give himself away completely, but there are some obvious factors that Kathy is aware of. He again says that Kathy definitely will have his vote behind her, and that she should "read between the lines" about what that means. Sean attempts to go on, but Kathy is way loving being in the power seat. She complains that he hasn't made himself clear, and says, "Explain it to me, man," because she doesn't "understand where [his] head's at." The rest of us, however, understand where his head's at: up Kathy's ass, along with the heads of the rest of the tribe and Just Peachy, for some inexplicable reason. Kathy appears to have her arm around Neleh's waist during this discussion, which is suggestive of where her true allegiance was throughout this argument. Sean explains that because Neleh and Paschal have such a tight alliance, he thought Kathy would want to hook up with him and Vecepia. He then laughs and awkwardly says, "It's funny just gettin' into it" because he so totally does not want to get into it. He says that he and Vecepia never had the "kind of agreement" that would have concerned Kathy. Still, he insists that since Neleh and Paschal have a pact, the other three should have one, too. Then Vecepia figures out that Sean needs some help, and says that she understands what Sean is saying, and that if Kathy agrees, she will fall in with their threesome, as well. Paschal -- realizing that his game is now on the line -- jumps in to argue that although Sean is capable of explaining his position, he finds it amusing and contradictory. Paschal argues that Sean has disclaimed an alliance with Vecepia all night, but that as soon as he was confronted by Kathy, he made it clear that Vecepia's vote was assumed. Paschal thinks it's revealing and "disingenuous." Sean is immediately upset, because his character is being questioned. He claims that he wasn't disingenuous because -- again -- he and Vecepia didn't have any agreement. He says that Vecepia could have been anybody, and that he just put out a life raft for himself, Kathy, and anyone else who jumped on. He insists that he and Vecepia have been underdogs since the beginning, and have gotten this far without an alliance. Sean says he was just throwing something out there, and that if Kathy says no, then the others can vote him out. If she agrees, he says, "Let's roll the dice."

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