A Tale Of Two Cities

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A Whole Lot of Fakin' Goin' On

Peachy recaps that both pairs have propositioned Kathy, and asks whether they have anything else to add. Sean says, "Why didn't [Kathy] know about [Paschal and Neleh's] pact a long time ago?" Paschal shakes his head in disgust, as Kathy suddenly says that she assumed the alliance, which completely contradicts her response earlier at the campfire. Paschal says he knows she at least assumed they had an alliance, and Neleh says she thought Kathy just knew. You know, telepathically. Paschal insists that they never hid it from anybody, but Sean is completely unsatisfied, and I am, too. Sean argues that if Neleh, Paschal, and Kathy are supposed to be so close, then Kathy should have known. Kathy tries to say that she doesn't care (but we all know she cared earlier), and Paschal says all that matters is that she knows now. Sean still thinks the point is that Kathy didn't know two weeks ago, and tells the others not to point the finger at him. Paschal says, "Well, I'll point it at you!" and rudely tells Sean that if he'd "just listen once in a while instead of runnin' [his] mouth all the time," then he'd know that Kathy knew, and I think I lost any respect I had for Paschal and Kathy during this argument, and since I didn't have any respect for Neleh to begin with, you can see on whose side I perplexingly suddenly find myself. Not that it matters. Because somewhere in the middle of this argument, it's become very clear that Kathy is not on Sean's side. Sean and Paschal go back and forth for a while longer while Sean desperately tries to get Kathy to admit that she just recently made a big fuss over not knowing about the alliance. Still, she won't. Kathy is then to pronounce "the deal" as the tribe's ultimate ruler, but Sean won't be silenced. He says that they can't shut him up because he'll speak his mind and then yells, "She did not know!" He says they can play this "hanky panky" all they want and just vote him out. Kathy says Sean's putting words in her mouth. He still -- apparently in disbelief -- insists, "But you didn't know about their pact, though. That's all I'm sayin', right?" Kathy says she didn't hear it "officially," but that it was a "logical assumption." That's terrible, and I feel so bad for Sean. He tells the others that he might be young and outspoken, but that he can make sense. He says, "Damn, I do listen, Pap. I still got respect for you, Pap," but in my mind, he shouldn't. He says he's a man, too, and that none of this "jibes up." Sean makes one last attempt to sway the others, claiming that since Neleh and Paschal have an admitted alliance, they're doing exactly what he's been accused of doing. ["Exactly!" -- Wing Chun] When Neleh tries to jump into the argument, however, they are all in agreement that it's an embarrassment worth avoiding, and Kathy tells her to "let it go," which Sean echoes. And so it's let go, but Neleh still looks very smug.

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