A Tale Of Two Cities

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A Whole Lot of Fakin' Goin' On

Peachy reiterates that Kathy is in a powerful position, and says it's all going to come down to the decision she makes in the walk from where she sits now to the voting booth. Except it seems to me, based on her behavior in the argument they just had, that Kathy's mind is already made up.

Sean votes for Neleh: "The girl-next-door act don't worked [sic] on me." He says she's there for the ride, trying to win the million just like he is. He hopes she'll go out tonight, and I hope so, too.

Neleh snits that she's voting for Sean because there's "too much drama" and she can't stand it. Aw, Neleh, learned a new expression, and even used it appropriately.

Paschal votes for Sean and chooses not to denigrate him further. He says he's "a great competitor," but Paschal's already behaved in some rather unflattering ways in this episode, so I don't know who he thinks he's kidding with the gentleman act now.

Vecepia votes for Neleh, saying she's a great girl, but that she started playing the game too late. She says nothing about Neleh being a Mormon.

We don't see Kathy's vote. Duh.

For the first time ever, maybe, Peachy doesn't say, "I'll go tally the votes." Instead, he's suddenly walking back and ready to read. The votes are as follows: Neleh, Sean, Neleh, Sean, after which Sean's spastic tongue appears. Sean puts his face in his hands for the reading of the final name. And it's his, and he handles it very well. He exclaims, "D'oh!" but is smiling, and he doesn't wig out or start shouting about it being unfair or how Kathy dicked him over. He holds his head high and smiles as his torch is extinguished. As he walks off, he and Vecepia make loving gestures toward each other. I wish he'd shot smirking Neleh a "loving" gesture as well. At least the rest of the S4 are completely non-expressive, even if some are glad to see him go.

In closing, Peachy says that he doesn't know if the S4 have noticed, but the jury is all dressed up like a biker gang, and he doesn't know if that means anything. Then he lowers his voice and whispers that the only thing that guarantees them a spot in the final two is winning two more immunities, and since Neleh hasn't even won one yet, things are still looking like they might turn out okay.

Next time on Survivor, it's the "the finale you just can't miss," and also, it seems, "the finale you can't see previews for." Rosie O'Donnell says we shouldn't miss it, and also that she was never hiding her sexual preference, just as Neleh and Paschal were never hiding their alliance.

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