A Tale Of Two Cities

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A Whole Lot of Fakin' Goin' On

Now Paschal and Sean make a little "V" with their heads together and bodies stretched out in different directions under a tree. Sean says he didn't realize how emotionally attached he'd get to people during the game, and Paschal -- who can barely talk -- rambles on about what the experience is like for "somebody [his] age." In a confessional, he explains that he's a physical wreck. Coming into the game, he felt like he was capable of dealing with anything, but they haven't had protein, carbohydrates, or "much of anything," and the last few days have been a real struggle. He says that their bodies are "takin' a pounding," and that it's having a real effect on him. Paschal then tells Sean that he wants some water, but will probably have to wait until morning to have any because he can barely get up, and when he does get up, he needs to prop himself against a tree and close his eyes because of the dizziness that ensues. Sean jumps up and offers to go to the waterfall for Paschal. Except he doesn't, but it would have been something if he did. In a confessional, he tells us that they're all just holding on right now, and that after five to six weeks of having diarrhea and "having to dig holes to take a crap," as well as challenges, dealing with other people's lies, and "sleeping in dirt," they've reached a point where they don't know "which way is up." Sean thinks Paschal is more affected than any of the others, and this is accompanied by shots of all the S5 looking uncomfortable in various positions of supposed repose.

Now Paschal complains to Kathy that he gets dizzy every time he tries to stand up. Kathy does, too! She thinks they might be dehydrated, and suggests that they drink some water, except that Paschal says he's been drinking water all day. He then tells her he spent the prior day "in a complete fog," and couldn't see straight. Kathy, too! She tells us in a confessional that she's depleted both physically and mentally, and that Paschal's in the same place. She thinks he's "hibernating," and is not up to making any twists and turns in the game at this point because it's "too much." Now Paschal plays dead. His hand flops about off the raft-mattress like he thinks he's Anthony Edwards or something. And he didn't even get to go surfing one last time!

The same yellow bug that got swarmed by ants last week flies around today. A peaceful-looking wind blows as the tribe discusses going on a shellfish run. Kathy says they need to go soon, because the tides are low only for the next hour. Neleh immediately offers to go with Kathy, but Sean thinks everyone should go together. Now they're out in the water, and Kathy wears the snorkel and places the shells into a bag Neleh holds open for her. In a confessional, Kathy complains that the water is as warm as a "bathtub," but she wants to teach the others because it's too tiring to be the "sole provider." Sean is excited because he has found his first shell, and Kathy cheers him on: "I'm tellin' ya, it's like an Easter egg hunt!" In a confessional, however, Kathy complains that Sean has only just made his "first trocka discovery," and that she's a little disappointed. Still, she says, "He's a city kid," and she's glad that she finally got him out there. Sean proudly tells us that he caught his first one today; having caught one, he's now the expert, and explains that they hang on to rocks "like suction," and it's scary because the ground is slippery and there are fish out there. He's not "Ocean Guy," so he must be careful. He then brags that he caught about five or ten of the shellfish and claims, "That's pretty good for a brother from uptown, you know."

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