A Tale Of Two Cities

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Back at camp, Vecepia stares at Paschal. In a confessional, she tells us that she noticed he seemed down. She says he was bothered because it looked to the other Soliantus like he and Neleh had an agreement with each other outside of the S5's agreement. Now, she squats before Paschal and says she doesn't want him to have concerns about his safety in the game. Paschal responds that his attitude is that they're all very deserving, he has no problems with anyone, and thinks the best person should win. Vecepia thinks they should address this subject with the others in case they need reassuring, as well, and Paschal says that they should all have the opportunity to say how they feel. In her confessional, Vecepia tells us that they'll sit down together tonight, and that Paschal will have a chance to "clear the air." She says it's best if they just get it all out in the open so that the bad feelings don't linger, because she'd hate for anyone to go to bed feeling uncomfortable, but I'd take a big cushy bed and an unresolved problem any day over dirt and a clear conscience.

Night comes, and the S5 sit around the fire. Vecepia conducts the discussion as if it's a counseling situation. She points out that Paschal has been looking down lately, and pats herself on the back as she claims, "I finally took the opportunity to ask you, you know, what was wrong." She says he "mentioned" his concerns to her, but insists, "Since we're all here, you can just go ahead and address it." Paschal explains that he's worried that Sean and Vecepia think he and Neleh have a pact to "vote solid" on everything. He points out that from the first day, he said he wouldn't vote against Neleh, and that if it costs him the game, then so be it. Kathy immediately says, "I didn't know that." Pay attention, because that will be important later. She explains that she knew they had a bond and a friendship, but that she "honestly" didn't know that they'd agreed not to vote each other out. "We're talkin' numbers," she says, and explains that now that they're down to five, Neleh and Paschal -- allied as they are -- basically count as one vote. Paschal refuses to justify his alliance with Neleh; instead, he says that if the others want to vote him off just because he was honest with him, then they should "go for it." This makes Neleh a bit nervous, though. She says she feels like Sean and Vecepia also have a tight bond. She thinks that, in the end, they'll keep their votes together. Neleh then accuses, "Maybe that's just something that's, like, not coming out or something, you know?" She keeps rambling on, but Sean and Neleh aren't having it. Sean says Neleh's making assumptions that there is "something underneath" his friendship with Vecepia. He points out that he and Vecepia have had their differences and continue to have them, and that Neleh shouldn't accuse him of not volunteering the truth, because it's an insult to him. I concur. Stupid Neleh.

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