A Tale Of Two Cities

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In a confessional, Neleh acts superior as she tells us that whether or not Sean and Vecepia want to call it an alliance, they are very tight. She thinks that the only difference between their situation and her own is that Neleh and Paschal have been honest. ["They haven't been any more honest than Sean and Vecepia have, if you ask me." -- Wing Chun]

Back around the fire, Sean explains to the others that from the first day of the game, the others assumed that he and Vecepia had a pact because they were the only two African-Americans. Vecepia interjects that they haven't been walking around calling themselves out as African-Americans, but it seems like they kind of have been, and also, isn't it kind of obvious? Sean insists that by no means is there a connection between himself and Vecepia that's "on the down-low or whatever," and then tells us in a confessional that the "conversation was sidetracked" by Neleh's accusations against him and Vecepia. He says that just because they're African-Americans and share a bond that's incomprehensible to the others, they're not an automatic alliance. He points out that "a few times, Vee has flipped the script on [him] and let [him] down," and I wish he'd mentioned that during the conversation with the others. Instead, he lets Paschal go on about the importance of honesty and integrity, and the others agree. Yawn. Kathy wants to break it down for them, and they have to listen, because they want her vote. She agrees that there's a small alliance; she doesn't think there's anything wrong with it, but says it does "throw a skew" on how they progress with the game.

It's now Day 35, and the tribe members stand around holding sticks and looking at their collection of pots and pans. Neleh tells Paschal that the game depends on Kathy, because she's "100% positive" that Sean and Vecepia will vote for her. Well, their other option is to vote for Paschal, so I don't know who she thinks she's complaining to, and let me just say that if Paschal gives immunity to Neleh at any point in this game, I will send him a hate letter every day for the rest of his life. Maybe I'll even use some of his own language. In a confessional, Neleh tells us that the previous night was intense, and "things got pretty hype." She now feels vulnerable, and hopes that Kathy doesn't fall for what Sean and Vecepia are "kind of playin' out on the table." ["Which is what? Turning against Paschal and Neleh? Yeah, obviously Neleh hopes that doesn't happen. Duh." -- Wing Chun]

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