A Thoughtful Gesture Or A Deceptive Plan?

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A Thoughtful Gesture Or A Deceptive Plan?

Previously on Survivor: Boston Rob was sad that Amber was on the other tribe, so he sat on a log and stared at the ocean and hoped that Lex fell for his scam. And Lex did! So Amber lived to see another day! And Jenna -- who totally thinks she's part of the Rob/Amber alliance and so isn't -- squealed with delight. Rupert won the reward challenge, and took two fine young ladies with him to the spa. Is anyone else worried about the permanent damage these people are doing to their skin? I expect a rash of Survivor skin cancer stories in a few years. Just me, then? After the reward, the tribes merged, and Rob and Amber were reunited, and it felt so good. That is, if you believe that they are the Greatest Love of All Time, which I don't. Rob wanted to get rid of Lex, and Amber couldn't believe it, since Lex saved her ass. Rob and Kathy each got individual immunity. Kathy thought about giving her immunity to Lex, but then probably realized that it wouldn't save him for more than three days, so she kept it, and Lex was voted off. Hee! They called Lex "dumbfounded." Lex puts the "dumb" in "dumbfounded." Man, that was a long previouslies segment.

Chaboga Mogo. Night 27. Clouds pass over a full moon, and somewhere a coyote howls. Do they really have coyotes in the Pearl Islands? I guess that's a lot more atmospheric than having, say, a pelican squawk or whatever the hell a pelican does. The tribe members return from Tribal Council, having just voted Lex out, and discover that their fire has gone out, and their fire pit is now in a puddle. Since we didn't get to see a lot of the shelter-building and setting-up-camp-type activities last week in order to make room for the extended "Lex Is Screwed" remix, I have no idea whom to blame for this. So I'm just going to go ahead and blame Rupert. Especially since he says, "I knew as soon as I saw the puddle forming that our fire was going to be washed away." Oh, you did? So why didn't you say something? Or move it? HATE! Amber interviews that "Tribal" sucked, because it was rainy and cold the whole time, and she got two votes, so she's happy to still be there. I feel like Amber might have an interesting personality, and we've certainly seen more of it this season than in Australia, but it's difficult to say. If she, for example, orchestrated a coup of Rob in order to save her own ass, that would make her a lot more interesting. But it won't happen.

Alicia says that she's glad the vote is over, and wonders if Kathy is okay. They look around and see Kathy putting some lotion or something on her face. Kathy interviews that she was going to give her immunity away, but that she couldn't do it, even though she wanted to. Well, she could have done it. She didn't want to. It's not like she wasn't allowed, or someone physically restrained her from doing it. I guess she has to say whatever it takes to get her through the night. The thunder rolls, and Garth Brooks strolls by with his guitar and silly headset, singing about it. Kathy adds that she thinks Boston Rob has a soul, but that he also has a temper. Which is interesting, because Rob's vote had nothing at all to do with emotion and temper, and everything to do with strategy. Kathy adds that Amber is "playing a tough game" and "lying like a rug," so Kathy voted for "the person that has lied to my face several times." I wish I had a better memory (or better search skills) and could point out times when other people (like Lex) have lied to Kathy, too. If no one else has (which I highly doubt), then let's just pretend that they have so that we can hate Kathy some more.

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