A Thoughtful Gesture Or A Deceptive Plan?

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A Thoughtful Gesture Or A Deceptive Plan?

Rob and Amber sit in the shelter with blankets wrapped around themselves. Kathy and Big Tom take a walk down the beach together. Kathy interviews that maybe she can help the other players realize that she could be used as a swing vote, and that they should disrupt the power now instead of waiting until there are only seven people left. Kathy tells Big Tom that he needs to take action and stop "flaking around." Big Tom says he will. Kathy repeats that he should do it now, because it will be more difficult when they get down to five. Big Tom thinks they should cut Jenna out. Why Jenna? Get rid of Amber and Rob's power is gone! Hello? She's the one who would be least likely ever to vote against him. Duh. Kathy doesn't want Jenna to win, and Big Tom promises that she won't. In the shelter, Rob tells Amber and Jenna that there's a lot of shit going on right now, and that he hopes that the others try something, because his alliance is going to make it to the end. He doesn't elaborate on how that's going to happen, so we shall see.

Shii Ann talks to Alicia and says that it's not about friendship, and that this is a game. Alicia says that Jenna and Rupert were part of her tribe, but that they still can't trust them, because Jenna plays favorites. Shii Ann says that they asked her to vote Alicia out on her first day there. Did they? Alicia acts like she's not surprised to hear that, but she totally is.

Kathy tells Rupert that "the key times to mix it up are at seven and five," and to make sure he knows what's going on. ["And Kathy would know, because she's totally won this game before, not. Shut up, Kathy." -- Wing Chun] Rupert nods like he has any idea what's going on. Rob giggles in an interview that there is "some last-minute scrambling going on," and that Kathy and Shii Ann will probably go after Amber or Jenna. Shii Ann and Big Tom eat rice together. Shii Ann wonders if there's something that could be done that would make sense. Big Tom just agrees with her, but doesn't offer up any suggestions because, he explains, he's had an alliance with Rob and Amber the whole time. Shii Ann asks whether Big Tom really thinks they'll take him to the final three. Big Tom kind of chuckles and says that he'd be a fool to sit there and not do anything. Big Tom interviews that he's been sticking with his original deal, but that when everything is going too well, you have to look out before it falls apart. Big Tom promises tol weigh his options.

Amber and Rob are still sitting in the shelter, watching the peons run around on the beach trying to come up with a plan. Usually, I would take their confidence as a sign that they are headed for a fall, but I think that if it happens, it won't happen in the next two episodes. Also, Rob has been shown as extremely cocky, but also sort of endearing, and Amber hasn't really been shown as cocky at all, so it's possible Mark Burnett isn't trying to set them up as the villains. Rob calls Alicia over and asks what she discussed with Shii Ann earlier. Alicia says that Shii Ann has been talking to Big Tom a lot, and that Alicia doesn't trust anyone right now. Alicia adds that she and Jenna don't get along, and that she feels that she may be the one targeted tonight. Rob interviews that Kathy and Shii Ann are "implanting bad thoughts" into Alicia and Big Tom, and they seem to be buying it. Rob adds that he knows it would only take one of them (Alicia or Big Tom) to convince the other, and that his whole scheme would fall apart. I don't know why Kathy didn't go after Rupert and appeal to his sense of fair play, and argue that Rob screwed Lex over. Then again, Rupert loves him some Jenna, so I don't know if that would work.

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