A Thoughtful Gesture Or A Deceptive Plan?

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A Thoughtful Gesture Or A Deceptive Plan?

Shii Ann and Big Tom vote. Lex gives Amber the sanctimonious stink-eye as she walks by. You know, I even liked Lex after he went batshit crazy in Africa. I liked him for the first few episodes of this season. But either I'm fickle (probably) or he really turned into a self-righteous prick. Also, I miss the old days of Survivor, in the first season, where you could usually tell someone's vote because they showed them beginning to write the first letter. Kathy votes for Amber, saying that Amber needs to play a new game, or else she's not going to make it. Thanks for the advice, person who's about to leave. Oh, was that a spoiler? Rob votes for Kathy and says, "I don't discredit you for trying, but you didn't honestly think I was going to let you win." People were annoyed by that remark too, but come on. It's totally in keeping with his whole Robfather persona. Lex also gives Rob the stink-eye as he returns from voting, like, way to go with your powerful stink-eye, Lex. Grow up.

Jeff tallies the votes. He returns and reads them: Amber, Kathy, Amber. Amber actually looks worried. Jeff continues: Kathy, Kathy, Kathy, Kathy. Bye, Kathy! I guess all your brilliant strategizing and advice didn't work out all that well, did it? It's kind of difficult to expect other people to take your word on how to play the game when they know you are leaving that night anyway. ["And also when they know you've never won." -- Wing Chun] Kathy tells everyone to keep their eye on the million bucks, like that's not what they were doing by voting her out. She hugs Shii Ann, who has to be thinking, "Crap." Probst snuffs Kathy's torch and she walks out, and Shii Ann cries with her shiny, shiny face. Probst says that they seem like a different tribe than the one at the previous tribal council, and that there is "a whole lot of game left." I hope so, because this is getting boring. Well, even if Shii Ann goes next week, then it might get sort of interesting.

In the final speech, Kathy says that she can't believe she got voted off, and that she shouldn't have trusted Rob to come through. She actually thought Rob would save her? That's a bit of strategizing we didn't really see. Anyway, Kathy also feels that she got robbed last time, and thought that meant that she should win this time. Whatever.

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