A Thoughtful Gesture Or A Deceptive Plan?

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A Thoughtful Gesture Or A Deceptive Plan?

Rob has a conference with Jenna, Big Tom, Alicia, and Amber, wherein he mumbles that he thinks that he would've gotten votes if he didn't have immunity. You think? Alicia says that Rob is a target, just like Lex was. Rob interviews that everything went down according to plan, and then there's a flicker of a smile, but he manages to suppress it and soldier on, saying that it was "kind of a tough vote" because "Lex is a friend," and that Lex said some "pretty personal stuff" before they went to Tribal Council. Rob adds that he understands that "when your back is against the wall, sometimes you scramble," but that Lex pushed Rob too hard. Oh, whatever. Rob knew how he was going to vote, and his conversation with Lex didn't change anything except maybe make him more sure. Let's not pretend that Lex's assy behavior had any effect on the proceedings.

Kathy recounts for Rob a conversation she had with Lex, in which she asked him if he wanted to go to the Final Four with her, Boston Rob, and Big Tom. Did they really think Rob would ditch Amber and keep Big Tom? I still don't understand what Lex's strategy was, if any. Kathy says that Lex had some arrangement with Big Tom, and that he thought Rob was part of it too, even though it had never been discussed in detail. Kathy laughs that she and Lex got angry when they realized that, post-merge, they were on the chopping block. Kathy is doing a lot of talking, and Rob is doing a lot of listening, which may be the best part of his strategy. He just lets people talk and talk and talk, and then they walk away thinking that he said something or agreed to something, when he never did. Of course, Rob also just lies. Rob interviews that he never made an alliance with Lex, and that he never even talked to Kathy. What Rob took away from the whole ordeal is the discovery that Lex and Big Tom had a super-secret side alliance. Rob sleazes, "Big Tom? Ya got caught! And your best buddy sold ya out! And he didn't even know he did it!" The sleazestache by night-vision is a frightening thing indeed.

Then there's lots and lots of thunder and lightning and rain. It's really quite spectacular, if you could somehow view it from a dry, air-conditioned area that had no chance of being struck by lightning. I wouldn't want to be living outdoors in those conditions, though. Then again, I wouldn't want to be living outdoors in any conditions. The sun also rises, and it's Day 28. Various tribe members wake up, peer out, and complain about the rain and how miserable it makes them. Big Tom interviews that the previous night was like a horror movie with the rain and the clouds and suchlike. Rob says that he's on his fourth day with no sleep, and one of the women comments that they're "going to start losing [their] minds a little bit." Then the genius editors cut to a shot of Rupert. Hee! Rupert interviews that their fire pit is in a lake, and that they have been too cold and wet to sleep. He pauses to cough, and then says that they hoped it would be better when they sun came up. It's not better.

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