A Thoughtful Gesture Or A Deceptive Plan?

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A Thoughtful Gesture Or A Deceptive Plan?

The teams have been selected by Alicia and Rupert, and they are: Alicia, Rob, Amber, and Shii Ann versus Rupert, Jenna, Kathy, and Big Tom. It would have been interesting to see who got chosen in what order, but that would have taken time away from the sobfest earlier, so we don't get to see it. The teams take off, and Big Tom just plows through the maze like a bull. Rob has more finesse, but he's also faster. Alicia's team makes it across the balance beam with a slight lead, mostly thanks to Rupert's ungainliness. Alicia's team is already to the wall while Rupert's team is just starting the belly crawl. Rupert pulls Big Tom through the belly crawl, probably regretting that choice. Why would you pick Big Tom for anything that required agility? Then again, it's Rupert, and he probably made his choices based on whom he likes and doesn't like. Rupert's team hits the wall, while Alicia's team is already doing the blown-bridge puzzle. Rob directs his team members across while Big Tom and Rupert pull Jenna up the wall, and she looks like she's flying. Alicia's team gets to the end of the puzzle, but their remaining plank isn't long enough to reach either of the nearby platforms. Probst encourages Rupert's team to keep working, since Rob hasn't figured out the puzzle yet. Rob and his team (and they actually do appear to be helping, even Shii Ann) realize that they need to set a plank on another plank in T-formation to make it across. So now Rupert's team can just copy them, which always bothers me about puzzle missions. They shouldn't be allowed to see what the other team does!

Alicia's team heads to the platforms with rope bridges, and is nearly across before Rupert's team even gets to the first platform. Rob goes last for his team and dances across the rope. Was this challenge, which involved a great deal of balancing and agility, created for Rob's team to win? Who knows? All I know is that it was dumb to put Rupert and Big Tom on the same team. Shii Ann, Alicia, and Amber head down to their jail cell and start digging for the flag. Rupert and his team members make it across the rope bridge, and Jenna stays up top while the others start digging for the flag. Alicia's team finds the flag first, and Rob zips down the line to retrieve the key. He takes a leap off the platform, and swings his body in the air to gain momentum and make the trip as quickly as possible. He grabs the key, just as Rupert's team finds their flag. Jenna just kind of hops off the platform, so she doesn't go nearly as quickly down the line as Rob did. Rob gets his team unlocked while Jenna is still running back to rescue her team, and Alicia's team wins the reward. I really do love obstacle courses, but I think I like them better when it's two people going head-to-head. The team thing got a little confusing.

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