A Thoughtful Gesture Or A Deceptive Plan?

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A Thoughtful Gesture Or A Deceptive Plan?

Rob sits on a giant rock overlooking the water and reads his letter. He has his hat pulled down low to cover the fact that he's crying like a bitch. He interviews that he doesn't remember "the last time [he] was emotional about anything, ev-ah!" He feels bad that his brother made the tape for nothing, but this way, everybody won. Rob adds, "And I know it's gonna get perceived one way or the other. It's inevitable. It wasn't about me. It wasn't about strategy. It was about strategy to a degree. It's a good move. Yeah, it is." Hee! He interrupted himself to admit the truth. I admire that. He concludes that his family is the most important thing in the world, more important than money. Then he laughs and says, "But I'm still getting the million." I know that turned some people off (well, those who don't already hate Rob), but I thought it was a joke he made to lighten the moment, since he was all weepy and shit. I don't know. It made me laugh. The music is all sad and majestic as we fade out.

At Chaboga Mogo, it's still Day 28. Man, I can't believe this whole episode took place on one day. Kathy tells Rob she's not upset, but that she was upset about violating a friendship. Wuh? I don't know. Rob protests that emotion is in the game now, and Kathy says that it was personal. Rob says that when he got Lex to save Amber, he didn't know for sure that there would even be a merge. Kathy says that it's over, and that she and Rob are fine. Rob interviews that he was trying to be nice to Kathy, and that while he knows she's playing the game, he has no idea how the vote will go tonight.

Kathy and Shii Ann walk into the woods to get water. Kathy says she doesn't know who's going next, but that it might be Shii Ann. Shii Ann says it could be, but that it might not be. Well, way to hedge your bets there. Shii Ann interviews that tonight's vote will go toward one of the original Mogo Mogo members: "Kathy and I [sic]." Man, she is looking increasingly dumb the longer she sticks around. She should be glad she left her season fairly early. I actually still sort of liked her then. Kathy gets the water as Shii Ann helps by...doing nothing. Kathy says that Rob is "trying to clean up his reputation." Shii Ann says that the thing with the letters was generous, but also a smart strategic move. Kathy interviews that while Rob might have wanted them to have their letters, higher on his list of priorities was getting people to like him after the "anger and anguish" from the previous day. Kathy says what we are all thinking: "If these guys were smart, man, somebody would take him out." Shii Ann says that they will, once he loses immunity. Kathy says that Jenna thinks she's going to the final three, and Shii Ann is sure Jenna is wrong. Shii Ann says something about Big Tom, and Kathy says that Tom knows Rob and Amber won't take him to the final three. Who will they take, if they make it that far? I'm guessing someone who's weak at challenges, so that Rob or Amber will win the final one. Maybe Jenna? Kathy thinks it's time to get Jenna, Rob, and Amber out of power.

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