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Reunited and It Feel So...Well, Okay

As the show winds up, Bryant wants to know whether it helps to have watched other seasons of the show. He cites Brandon, Kelly, and Linda as the biggest Survivor fans going into the competition, and Brandon responds, "You can see where we ended up." The S16 all talk at once because they realize that camera time is running out, and their fifteen minutes are drawing to a close. Silas thinks "the least [sic] you know the better," but Kelly believes that some prior knowledge "helps you jump in out there." Silas disagrees again; he insists that worrying about strategy and making plans "totally kills you" and that "flying under the radar" is the best way to compete. I have no idea what being under the radar has to do with having watched previous seasons, but whatever. Bryant puts on the smackdown and says, "With all due respect, let me hear from the front row on this." Ethan earnestly says that having watched the previous seasons helped him figure out "which way to go." He makes a point of saying he didn't watch "religiously, but as we learn from the Back from Africa special (Plug #3: recap coming soon to Mighty Big TV), Silas did. Bryant responds, "Maybe, maybe, watched Rudy" and "figured out just how to do it correctly." We then see Rudy in the audience again. He gets a special greeting from Bryant "My New Best Friend" Gumbel, who says, "There's Rudy with us today. Nice seein' you, Rudy!" Nice seeing you, indeed! The Happy Music of We Got to See Rudy Again plays as we go to commercial. La la la la la la la la la.

Next week: the survivors are back from Africa!

Lex Loser plays drums and demonstrates counting on his audition tape. He acts very punk. Bryant points out that Lex Loser's band Lucky Dog got an album contract, which is followed by Plug #4: buy Lucky Dog's new album.

In closing Bryant wants to know how difficult it will be to return to normal life. Lex Loser thinks celebrity is a blast. He says people get excited to see him, and that as a people person, it's a dream. But "if you're not a people person," he warns, "it's a nightmare." Bryant awkwardly adds, "And you make friends to last a lifetime," which has nothing to do with what Lex Loser just said. Ethan gets the last word, and Bryant wants to know how he'll spend the money. Ethan answers, "Well, I owe my brothers probably about twenty-seven years' worth of birthday I think I'm gonna start there." ["I was sorry that he reused that line at the end of his appearance on Letterman." -- Wing Chun] He also starts to say he's going to do something good with it, but then Bryant "I Haven't Heard the Sound of My Voice in a While" Gumbel interrupts to force Ethan to say that Survivor has been a dream come true. Plug #5: set your VCRs for The Early Show. Bryant thanks and congratulates them all, including Diane. He should really be congratulating me for making it through three hours -- and three seasons -- of this stuff, Wing Chun for editing the crap I write (and for allowing me to keep writing it), and all of you for persevering through the episodes and recaps.

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