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Reunited and It Feel So...Well, Okay

Bryant "Inward Bound" Gumbel says that the experience was not all about hardships, and insists that "the place is somewhat magical." He thinks the "cultural experience" has to be a major reward of being on Survivor, and cites as an example the goat-bartering reward won by Lex Loser and Ethan. And now, a moment of silence for the goats who have certainly since met their untimely demise on a dinner plate. Pause. Bryant says they've done some research on the price of goats in the Wamba marketplace. Lex Loser and Ethan pretend not to remember what they paid, but are then forced to reveal that they think it was around $1,800 for two goats. Bryant says they'll be happy to know that a goat's list value is between $700 and $900, so they got "top dollar." Ethan adds, "But the french fries that we bought...those aren't worth, like, $1,400!" Bryant points out that Lex Loser had another "topper" of an experience when he visited Wamba Hospital. Lex Loser says it may sound like a cliché, but the day really was "life-changing." He says that while he was watching the episode, people kept calling to congratulate him on winning the truck, but he was far more excited about seeing the hospital again. I originally had a comment here about Lex Loser being happy to see more sick people, but his hypnotic powers may have finally penetrated my television screen. Lex Loser calls "the good Italian doctor there" a saint, and claims that he couldn't help being changed by the experience. Bryant points out that the experience was also special to two other cast members, since Linda and Teresa each lost a brother to AIDS. Bryant thinks that "it had to be a very special moment." Linda wasn't even there, but she manages to make it about herself: she says that when she was voted out, she worked with a health-care clinic that focused on AIDS awareness and family planning, and she was fortunate enough to have spent two weeks "traveling around with nurses who, uh, were caring for sick people." Teresa had tears in her eyes when Lex Loser was driving off in the Avalanche, and Bryant says, "You really wanted that." Teresa tells the group that from the moment she saw the supplies, she cried, but they were tears of joy because the medicine and tests were so necessary and would be put to good use. She was glad that Lex Loser was the one to go because "unlike his reputation through all this, he's a very sensitive, wonderful guy." If it couldn't be her, it was perfect that he went as the group's representative, she says. Lex Loser says that Teresa's first words to Lex Loser upon his return were extremely supportive, and that her tears were truly of joy.

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