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History Repeats Itself

Probst asks Erik if he can't understand why Foa Foa would do anything and everything to try to keep themselves in the game. Erik tells him what he's seen from Foa Foa since the merge so far: Li'l Russell running around scrambling and talking to everyone, Mick seems to have accepted that the numbers are against Foa Foa and given up, Natalie is trying not to piss anyone off and fly under the radar, and Jaison "is just an enigma," because while they know he's smart and athletic, Erik hasn't seen it "come together." Li'l Russell spins around to Jaison with a "oh, what did he just say about you?" look on his little face. Probst asks Jaison how he feels about Erik basically saying that he hasn't lived up to his potential. "He can take a look at my résumé," Jaison says, adding that he has his own strategy and his own way to play this game, so he has a big problem with what Erik just said. Erik fires back that if they want to look at résumés, they can look at everything Jaison has and hasn't done since he's been in this game. Jaison says he's dealt with personal attacks about how he's not able to do things his entire life and he's had to push through and prove himself over and over again. Oh come on, Jaison. Erik isn't saying that you can't be a good lawyer or water polo player or whatever (which, by the way, is what Li'l Russell has said more than once) -- he's saying you haven't been able to do much with those abilities in this game. Which is true. Although one thing Jaison has been able to do that Erik clearly cannot is not expose his asshole side in front of everyone. Erik says he likes hearing that Jaison is fired up and passionate about this game. "I don't care what you like," Jaison says. Awesome!

But Probst must interrupt this to talk to Li'l Russell, who has nothing to do with anything. He asks if Li'l Russell feels "attacked or misunderstood" by the judgment coming his tribe's way from one member of Galu. Li'l Russell does not air his dirty laundry in front of a crowd like Erik does, and just says he still has hope that his tribe can make something happen in this game. Probst asks Erik if he has respect for Li'l Russell and his hope for his tribe. Erik says he respects that Li'l Russell doesn't give up, but then says something about how Li'l Russell's competitiveness is "misaligned" and could make him the next person to go if he doesn't "focus." Li'l Russell and Jaison just laugh at this, and Li'l Russell asks if Erik is saying he should just roll over and wait for his turn to be voted out. He says that won't happen, and he'll keep talking to people and fighting to stay in this game. Which should be obvious, but I don't think that occurred to Erik before. He seems to think he is the only person doing any kind of strategizing right now, and that the other eleven people are just sitting around waiting to hear from him on what to do. Oh, and that when the end of the game comes and he's still in the game with two other contestants and it's time for the four Foa Foa members on the jury to vote for who wins the million dollars, they'll all forget that Erik treated them like shit.

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