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History Repeats Itself

With that, it's time to vote. Right before Li'l Russell votes, I'm pretty sure we get a close-up of a Samoan mop. Li'l Russell votes for "Eric" with a big smiley face. That's the only vote we see. Probst returns with the urn and is about to start reading the votes when Li'l Russell suddenly stands up. Probst looks scared that Li'l Russell is about to beat him up or something, but Li'l Russell just hands him his immunity idol, saying everyone knows he has it, so he might as well play it. Yeah, and Probst might as well have offered idol holders a chance to play their idols in the first place! Did he forget? That was weird. Probst announces that this is a real idol and so any votes cast against Li'l Russell will not count. And with that, he gets to reading the votes. Either Erik didn't want to play his idol, or he didn't get a chance to.

Anyway, after all that talk about getting rid of Monica, the first two votes are for Jaison. Then one for Erik from Li'l Russell, followed by three more, all of which he probably assumes are from the members of Foa Foa. When the fifth Erik vote comes up, he frowns. Shambo, too, is puzzled. Who is this Erik person everyone voted for? She obviously voted for Jaison. Way to use your friendship with Foa Foa to your advantage, Shambo! Erik gets a sixth vote, and Jaison can't help but grin. When Erik gets the seventh vote, he's out and the first member of the jury. Wow, you just can't beat that. He spent the entire Tribal Council talking about how tight Galu was and how Foa Foa had no chance, only to get voted out by everyone except Shambo because she doesn't know who he is.

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