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History Repeats Itself

Sure enough, the tribes meet up on a beach. Probst is not there, but a treasure chest is. It makes for a great stand-in, actually. I think it should win the Emmy next year. They open the chest to find blue buffs and paint. Yes, they have merged. Mick reads the note that says they'll all live at Galu now, but first they have a feast to get to know each other. Everyone is happy about this. Sure enough, there's the merge feast, which I think is the true source of their happiness. Erik is able to remove bottle caps with his teeth. Ouch. Everyone toasts to the new tribe, and Shambo interviews that she is very happy about the merge. Also, she's on a massive sugar high. While everyone else walks around and gets to know each other, she goes for a swim by herself. In a social game like this, isolating yourself is a great idea, Shambo. John and Jaison bond over their good educations. Dave Ball creeps out Natalie. Li'l Russell smirks and interviews about how everything is going according to his brilliant plan. You know, the plan that JT, Taj, and Stephen used just last season. Monica holds some grapes over Li'l Russell's head for him to eat, and he brags that that's how kings eat. The only king Li'l Russell reminds me of is the one in that "Wizard of Id" comic strip.

The new merged tribe arrives at Galu. Foa Foa look around and Natalie interviews that their camp is like the Hilton compared to Foa Foa. And she thinks the people here are so nice, like family! Laura is quick to take Natalie under her wing and show her around camp, which Natalie interviews is good for her because she's counting on Laura's mother-daughter bond with her to show her where the cracks in Galu are. "Make no mistake, there are cracks," Natalie says, showing that she, too, is capable of thinking of things like this in her own mind so it's not all Li'l Russell and his stupid seeds. She says the question now is, are those cracks big enough for Foa Foa to use to their advantage?

It's time to pick a name for the new tribe. John asks if anyone knows any "funny Samoan slang." Brett, whoever he is, says he knows the word for "extended family," which is "Aiga." I wonder if Brett knows the Samoan term for "grown man with child beard?" He should learn it. Anyway, no one else cares enough to think of second choice, so Aiga is the new tribe's name. I guess it's as good as any other tribe name. And better than "Nobag" or "Dabu." While some people get to work on the new banner, Erik confidently interviews that this is like "Day 2" for the Foa Foa members, while it's Day 19 for him. He has the numbers and a hidden immunity idol, so Foa Foa can try to make new friends on their new tribe all they want, but he doesn't believe in this extended family thing at all. In fact, he will stick a finger down his throat about it like it's 1992. Between that and the 90210 references, I'm starting to think that Erik and Shambo are hanging out too much.

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