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History Repeats Itself

The next morning, Li'l Russell is ready to begin the next phase of his game. He says that everything worked out at Foa Foa like he wanted it to, which is total bullshit. He wanted to be in a tribe with just four people going against one with eight? He wanted to lose all those reward challenges? Really? He says he's going to pull people aside one by one here just like he did in the beginning at Foa Foa, but this time he has the idol to show them to somehow help them trust him. He walks with Laura and pulls his idol out of his pants to show her. That didn't come out right, but whatever. You all know what I mean. He wants to make a deal with her: if she gets him into the Top 7, he'll give her his idol. He swears he will! Laura can't possibly be stupid enough to think he's for real. Even Shambo would have doubts about this. I think. Maybe not. He insists that Laura is the only person who knows about him having the idol. Laura interviews that "desperate people do desperate things," and while she doesn't think he'd actually give her the idol, she's glad to know that he has it because now it means they'll have to blindside him out of the game when the time comes. LET IT COME TONIGHT PLEASEEEEEE. Also, nice fake boobs, there, Laura. Way to be a Christian grandma. Li'l Russell says that to seal the deal, Laura has to make sure that one of the men on her tribe is the first person to be voted out. Then they can take out anyone on Foa Foa whenever they want. Laura immediately shakes her head and says that won't happen -- either someone from Foa Foa is leaving first or Shambo. Laura interviews that she found Li'l Russell's bossy attitude and rules "funny" because she's on the tribe that has the advantage. Unfortunately, she decides to say as much to Li'l Russell, who interviews that she's digging her own grave by telling him to "sit down and listen." "It don't work like that for me," he tells us. And, of course, now he's threatening to get rid of her first. He says that since his stupid plan didn't work with Laura, he'll just try it with someone else. Like Monica.

Sure enough, he finds a picturesque spot on some rocks overlooking the water to whip out his idol for Monica to see and touch and hold. That didn't come out right again. He tells her that no one else knows that he has it and he wants to go to the Final 2 with her. She agrees to that. Li'l Russell interviews that he knew Monica was lying to him at the time, but maybe she'll fall in line with him if he can get rid of "her boss," Laura. So he knows that Laura is Monica's "boss," and yet still thinks it's a good idea to tell her that he has the idol and no one else knows, which will easily be proven a lie when Monica no doubt reports all of this to Laura? BRILLIANT!! Li'l Russell sure is a master strategist. He pats himself on the back for basically two failed attempts to get a Galu member on his side and giving away that he has the idol, then says he just needs to get one male member of Galu on his side to take Laura out. It has to be a male, because Li'l Russell clearly has weird trust issues with women. Just another reason to love him!

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