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History Repeats Itself

Li'l Russell shows John the idol. So now everyone knows he has it. I don't understand the logic in this. He says that he and John can team up and he'll totally give John the idol if John needs it because he thinks John is the only person here who can "play this game" with him. And he thinks that Laura and her "girl power" should go first. John interviews that this seems like a good idea, because the Laura-Monica bond needs to be broken up and they might as well do it while they have votes from Foa Foa. Except that you don't need the votes from Foa Foa. You already have the majority vote with the men and Shambo. The smart (yet boring) thing to do is vote out Foa Foa and then concentrate on Laura and Monica. Li'l Russell interviews that he really does think that John is smart and would make a good teammate. See, when it's a woman who is smart, Li'l Russell wants her gone right away. But when it's a guy, Li'l Russell wants him on his side. Funny how that works, isn't it? With that, they shake hands for like five minutes out in the open for anyone to see. SMART! Li'l Russell interviews that Babe Ruth struck out more than anyone ever but he also got the most home runs. I don't watch baseball and even I know that's not true. Maybe it was during Babe Ruth's era, but not now. Also, Babe Ruth was once struck out by a girl. Just saying.

Day 21 at Aiga. We get a shot of a cute little spider running its little front legs over its head and then a shot of Shambo doing the same motion as she tries to wash her hair in the swamp. But the spider didn't have a mullet, so it's just not the same. Li'l Russell ties to fish on the dock nearby. He interviews that he has a connection with Shambo because he's Southern and people find that trustworthy (that is so last season) and she can be a number on his side. He mentions Laura to her, and she talks and talks about how horrible Laura is and how they had that fight a few days ago. "Yeah. Wow," Li'l Russell says, so bored but yet compelled to listen. He suggests to her that they vote Laura out, thereby getting rid of a "snake" and a strong player. Yes, those grandmothers are known for their incredible strength. Shambo interviews that she trusts Li'l Russell "implicitly" and they're "cut from the same cloth." Yes, the cloth of way too much cameratime. She says she has no problem writing Laura's name down tonight, and tells Li'l Russell to pull all of his Foa Foa tribemates away and tell them to do the same. He does. Shambo says they're writing Laura's name down "no matter what." Shambo has clearly forgotten about things like immunity challenges. Li'l Russell sums up that Galu's minds are sufficiently and easily controlled and Laura is a goner.

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