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History Repeats Itself

Back at camp, Monica makes sure to congratulate Laura with a kiss. What is up with those two? Erik talks to Monica next, laughing that Foa Foa "can't win shit" and the vote tonight should be pretty easy. Li'l Russell meets with Shambo by the fishin' hole. She asks him who he wants to get rid of instead of Laura. He says Monica, to "get rid of the girl thing." Yes, say that to Shambo WHO IS ALSO A GIRL. Shambo just says that won't happen because Erik and Laura are going to be the ones who decide who is going home tonight and it will be someone from Foa Foa. Um, what happened to Shambo loving Foa Foa more than her own tribe and wanting to join in with them come the merge? Has she even spoken to anyone on Foa Foa besides Li'l Russell since they become one tribe? So much fail. Li'l Russell interviews that he's probably a target for Galu, so he might have to play his stupid idol tonight. Too bad that half of Galu knows he has that idol because he thought it would be a great idea to tell them. Now he can't use it to blindside out someone from Galu. But I'm sure that's all part of Li'l Russell's brilliant plan.

Sure enough, Laura tells Erik that Li'l Russell has the idol. "Damn it," Erik says. They think their best bet is to make Li'l Russell think he's being voted out so he'll play the idol and then actually vote for Jaison. That way, they get rid of Jaison and Li'l Russell's idol. Well, Jaison will be happy about that. He wants to be out of this game so bad. While Li'l Russell snoozes in a hammock (brilliant plan!) Erik goes to John and tells him that Laura told him that Li'l Russell has the idol. So now John knows that Li'l Russell told Laura and Li'l Russell told him that he didn't tell anyone. Oops! But John says he wants Monica to go tonight since they can't vote Laura out. John, you are an idiot. Yes, you do need to weaken or get rid of Laura at some point, but this is not that point. And yet, he interviews that voting out the members of Foa Foa first is like playing "Junior Varsity Survivor," and he thinks they're better off taking the risk and breaking up Galu to get rid of Monica. John wants everyone on Foa Foa to vote for Monica, while Erik while vote for Jaison along with Laura, which Erik likes because he think that will gain Laura's trust.

Erik takes a meeting with Brett, Dave Ball, and John. He tells them not to tell Shambo anything and let her vote for whoever she wants. "I don't give a fuck if she votes for Probst tonight," he says awesomely over a shot of Shambo struggling with a fishing net. Meanwhile, Foa Foa will vote for Monica. They seem to agree, but then Dave Ball interviews that it's "crazy" to vote out someone on Galu and not Foa Foa. Thank you, Dave Ball! Now he's worried that Erik has an ulterior motive. Dave Ball is officially the smartest player in this game. For now.

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