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History Repeats Itself

Erik talks to Jaison, Mick, and Natalie (I'm guessing Li'l Russell is off doing five hours worth of interviews) and tells them to vote for Monica but not tell Li'l Russell so he'll play the idol. And they'll trust Erik over Li'l Russell why, exactly? He says if they do as he says, they'll stay another day. "What you need to know, you know," he says, saying if they don't do as he says then he "can't guarantee" one of them won't be voted out tonight instead. I don't think threats are the best way to go about this, Erik. He walks away, and Jaison turns to Mick and Natalie and says, very calmly: "here's how I feel right now. I feel like Erik is talking to me like a fucking child." Just when I count Jaison out, he reminds me of how awesome he is. His plan is to tell Erik what he wants to hear and then turn around and vote Erik out. Jaison interviews that he doesn't really like Erik and would rather just give him four votes and see what happens. "I can leave this game easily knowing that he went before me," Jaison says. Well, I think you'd leave this game easily no matter what, Jaison. But I appreciate your attempt to make things interesting.

And so, Natalie runs to Laura and tells her that Erik is trying to get Monica out tonight because he wants to get rid of the women. So maybe the women should get Erik out instead. Laura says there's "no way" that'll happen, but pulls Kelly into the shelter to discuss it. Natalie says that Galu still has the numbers against Foa Foa if Erik goes home tonight, so what's the harm of getting rid of one member? Meanwhile, she says, if they keep Erik around "he is gonna wreak havoc." And Natalie wasn't chosen as the Product Placement Player of the Week this week why, exactly? Because she did a whole lot more to change the game than nominees John or Li'l Russell (who is nominated every week no matter what) did. Kelly tells Monica that Erik has to go tonight because he's trying to get rid of her. Monica is chilling in the hammock and thinks that's cool, whatevs. Kelly and Laura then run over to Dave Ball and tell him to vote for Erik with everyone else. Since he just said he doesn't necessarily trust Erik, he's intrigued by this idea. Natalie runs and tells Mick and Li'l Russell that she convinced the Galu women to vote for Erik. "It's done, I swear. I just did it. I just changed their mind," she says. Of course, Li'l Russell doesn't think that's possible, because he is the only person in this game capable of doing anything. "I don't think you talked them into it," he says; "I think you think you did."

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