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History Repeats Itself

Meanwhile, Dave Ball has the unfortunate responsibility of telling Shambo the plan. He tells her to vote for Erik. "Who's Erik?" she says. HA!!! I LOVE SHAMBO FOREVER! That was the greatest. Dave Ball immediately regrets saying anything to her whatsoever, but patiently attempts to explain who Erik is. She probably will vote for Probst tonight after all. John has gotten word of Erik's ouster and pulls Kelly aside right in front of everyone (perhaps as they were lining up to leave for Tribal Council), obviously shitting himself. "You're not," he says. "Yes we are," she says. "Nuh, uh," John says, apparently then wandering off in a panic. Meanwhile, Jaison wonders to Li'l Russell if Galu is just putting on a show to force Li'l Russell to play the idol. He has to admit that he doesn't know what's going on at all. Ha! Ha! Ha! Erik also has to admit that things seem "too easy" going into the vote, so he's bringing his idol with him just in case. Quick!! EVERYONE PLAY THE IDOL! IDOLS EVERYWHERE!!! Shambo will be so confused, especially since she doesn't know what an idol is or why that guy with the black hair and the woman with the boob job are wearing those fancy necklaces.

With all the dramatic build-up, the tribe finally arrives at Tribal Council. Ah, this could be awesome and then I will love this show again. Or it could totally suck and all that last-minute plotting they showed was just to trick me and I will hate it. Probst asks Jaison how much it sucks to be down so many tribe members and then have to merge with Galu and live at their camp. Jaison says it's even more frustrating than losing a challenge, since then they at least had some say in their fate in challenges and this time they didn't. Although if they had done better in those challenges then maybe things wouldn't be so bad for them now, hmm? Probst asks Monica how the merge changes her trust in people, since she had to go from not trusting certain members of her tribe to trusting all of them against Foa Foa. Monica says she still doesn't know who to trust, and just because Foa Foa is down on numbers doesn't mean that everyone from Galu is necessarily targeting one of them tonight.

Probst asks Erik what Galu "should" base their vote on tonight when it comes to the members of Foa Foa. Erik apparently thinks he's in an interview and not in front of his fellow contestants as he says he doesn't think the members of Foa Foa have anything to offer Galu. Li'l Russell smirks his little head off while Jaison looks pissed and Natalie just looks bemused. Erik continues that if Foa Foa were able to get even one member of the "very cohesive" Galu to turn on the tribe, he would be shocked. Surely he must know that Galu isn't really that cohesive, considering that he's been rallying to vote out one of their own all afternoon? "And that's not me being cocky or confident," he says cockily and confidently; "but I just struggle to see what it is that they can do." Probst asks Li'l Russell how he feels about what Erik just said. Li'l Russell just says that Foa Foa does have a lot to offer and Erik will be surprised. "It's a longshot," Erik scoffs. What is his problem? Has he never played a game before? When you're on top, you don't brag about it or assume that it'll stay that way forever. Especially when it's this game.

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