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The Rupert Show Returns

Unfortunately, at this point, we cut to Jerri, who cannot hold her tongue. "I've got to say something," she says, which is Reality-Show Contestant for "I've been sitting here for, like, fifteen minutes, and you haven't put the camera on me once." She speaks in pained tones: "This whole making me so sick!" And it's not, in fairness to the audience, until she gets around "so sick" that there's much booing, and it's literally one guy at first, and then there's more booing as they realize that she's going to make the Have You No Decency speech. ["I was thinking of it as her Fiona Apple moment, but your historical reference trumps mine." -- Wing Chun] Jerri's obviously surprised to be booed. "You know what?" Lex says haughtily, waving his big tattooed arm over the boos. "We've got two thousand armchair Survivors out there!" EXACTLY! Which is why there's a million-dollar prize without your having to locate an eccentric millionaire who really likes watching people eat rice. Jesus, Lex! Jerri goes on, moaning, "This show is a show about entertainment. This entertainment is coming at a price. What it has cost us? Our friendships, our feelings, our pain, our suffering! For entertainment!" And again, in fairness to the audience, there's only like one guy booing during that whole thing, so Jerri is hardly being shut down by the crowd. I certainly would have been booing a lot more loudly than that, had I been there. And it's only at the end of this dumb-ass speech that they boo again. Jeff points out, absolutely correctly, that it has cost friendships only for some people, and I would add that that's largely due to the idiot behavior of a fairly small number of people. I personally think that without Lex, Kathy, and Tom to stir the pot, this entire season might have ended without bitterness, so if you want to blame anyone for the vitriol, that's certainly where I'd start.

Speaking of people who voice the statements inside my head, you can now hear Jenna rather dismissively say, "We all signed up for it voluntarily." In a particularly knife-twisting move, Jeff moves from Jerri's tirade directly to Colby, the mention of whose name brings the "Yeeeeeep!" cheer of lust from the crowd. Maybe that was only at my house -- where, incidentally, I was the only person watching. Jeff asks Colby what his take is, given that he was well-liked in his first season and was a quick target as an All-Star, betrayed by people without seeing it coming. Colby says that he tries to play the game with "integrity." And I have to say, in Colby's case, the integrity talk bothers me much less, because I think that he means it, in the sense that his attitude is that he gets that playing with a certain ethical construct in mind might cost you the money -- he probably knows that better than anyone. And that's okay with him, and he accepts that as fair, and as part of the game, and he's made his peace with it, and he doesn't give the "if you can live with yourself, then that's FINE, I will just be over here playing in the ash pile" speeches, like he's been wronged. Colby then says this: "It is one thing to know how to play this game well. It is something totally different to be successful at it. These two over here [Rob and Amber] were successful at playing this game against me." (I think it was "against me.") Certain individuals clap -- Rupert, Ethan, Jenna M., Jenna L., among them. Other individuals do not.

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