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The Rupert Show Returns

Jeff asks Rudy for his take, and Rudy's all, "I'm glad I got voted out early. They're all scumsuckers and I woulda killed 'em where they stood." It takes longer than that, but that's the idea.

Jeff turns to Shii Ann for her take. Jeff asks her about her "glass houses" remark at tribal council. She confirms that she does think it's a game, and she turns and gently and bitchily reminds Big Tom that they did indeed discuss the possibility of voting Rob off. She points out that, by the end, "everyone has betrayed someone."

Jeff asks for an update on the status of some of the relationships between the folks, starting with Big Tom and Boston Rob. Big Tom says that he's pissed off that Rob called Bucky Bo a dumb-ass on TV for losing the spear head, which is just...I mean, if you don't want your kid to be mocked on television, you don't put him on television. That's the tradeoff. Oh, and Big Tom manages to suggest that in the context of the game, he has no problem with Rob being a "lying stealing cheat." I'd like to hear about the stealing and cheating, because...neither of those things occurred, unless much exciting criminal and unethical behavior was edited out of episodes that simply seemed to involve Tom being too dumb to get Rob before Rob got him. Anyway, a small group of people cheer for Big Tom as he goes on talking about how he didn't win, but he's got great family, and blah dee blah. Jeff asks whether any part of the name-calling between Tom and Rob was in good fun, or whether it was really nasty. Big Tom says (referring to the "dumb-ass" thing about Bo, I guess) that he thinks it was mean-spirited. Rob -- not one to lie down and let himself be trod upon -- takes the opportunity to defend himself. "That's crap, in my opinion," he says. He points out that from the beginning of the game, Big Tom called Rob "pony" in a way he felt was derogatory, talking about how he was going to "ride" Rob all the way to the end. "I know how you are," Rob says, "and I never really took it to haa-ht, and I joked around with you, and I called you 'dumb-ass.' And you know what? One way or the other, it was kinda like a term of endearment." HA! My goodness, I do like him. He goes on: "If I offended Bo, or if I offended your family, then I am truly sorry. Howevah, I do not apologize for the way I played this game, but if I did your family wrong, then I apologize and I'm sorry." Now, it's easy to read that as the kind of half-assed apology where people say, "If you were offended, you're an idiot, but if you reacted incorrectly, then I apologize," but it didn't quite come off that way to me. I think he was legitimately saying that he didn't intend to offend Tom, but he apologizes if he did, and that, I think is all right. I'll grant you it's a somewhat perfunctory apology, but when a guy's been calling you every name short of "motherfucker" on television for long enough, I tend to be lenient if the worst thing that can be said about your apology is that it's insincere.

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