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The Rupert Show Returns

Jeff turns to Rob and Amber, and tells them how when people knew there was a big surprise, they kept asking him if Rob was going to propose, and he told them flat-out that was not the surprise. He asks Amber whether she knew that Rob was going to do that. She says that she didn't know he was going to do it at that moment, but that it was something they had talked about from time to time. Rob says that she didn't know it would be tonight -- he says he talked to Amber's mom and dad in their hotel room this morning. Aw. Jeff cuts to the various parents and asks them to give the thumbs-up if they approve, which they eventually do. Both sets of parents look genuinely happy, so although you never know, there aren't a lot of openly bad signs. Not to anticipatorily damn anyone's nuptials with faint praise.

Jeff asks Rob and Amber if either of them ever suspected they were being played by the other. They're both like, "Yes, dummy." Jeff asks Amber when she realized she had real feelings for Rob, and she singles out the part where they were separated, and she realized that she actually missed him. Jeff says he's "still reeling" from their getting engaged. He tells Rob that he pegged Rob as "smitten with Amber" from fairly early on. Rob says yes, that's right. Rob, not being much for BS, says that at first, he was just overwhelmingly physically attracted to her. He says that aside from that, though, he pretty much thought she was "a little snawwb" when they first hit the beach. He repeats, however, that seeing her at her "lowest low" (bikini bottoms) and "highest high" (bikini top), he "saw something in Amber that [he's] never seen in anybody else before." Jeff asks Amber what she sees in Rob, and you know what? Again, it's with the safety and security. That is starting to get creepy. Couldn't she mention that he's funny, which he is? Or that he has a kind of "fuck you" attitude that's really kind of charming, which he does? Or at least that he's fun? I mean, the whole "he supports me no matter what" thing is cool, but...she sounds so single-minded about it, you know? Jeff claims that everyone is happy for them. Jeff says that when we return, one Survivor will be giving another one a car. Huh? Like there haven't been enough cars? Sigh.

And when we get back, Jeff first has to run through a few updates from those who remain. He first asks a weirdly overtanned-looking Jenna M. about the loss of her mom. He asks how the family is doing. She says that she's doing well, and has a great group of friends, including people from the show, so she's good. She says Mom is still with her. Maybe it's her lighter hair that's making her look too tanned to me. Jeff says that there is some good news for her, and he outs her romance with Ethan, which Ethan looks frankly a little ill about admitting, as he sometimes has in the past. I'm not sure what the phobia is, but he doesn't look like he at all enjoys having anyone know about that. Jenna insists that there's more to their relationship than Survivor, not that she's aiming that at anyone in particular, Rob and Amber.

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