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On Day 19, a thug monkey hung out in a tree.

Also on Day 19, treemail arrived and "sent both camps packing." As Jaburu prepared to leave, they plotted their next move, and Deena reinforced the voting order: Davey Rockett, Roger, Butch. At that moment, home viewers knew the vote couldn't go down that way, because why would they broadcast it if it did? In any case, the new Jaburu agreed that it's all for one and one for all. But really, in Deena's case, it was all for one and one for all and not for long.

The tribes paddled out to Peachy's island, where he informed them that they would now merge into one tribe. The tribe -- calling themselves Jackée -- were sent off to their new home and greeted with a feast of hot dogs, drumsticks, and Coors Light. They toasted each other while Alex made frantic hand gestures in the background.

The members of the new Jackée tribe got to know each other, while Rob specifically "got to know HeiDDi." In new footage, we see the aforementioned calendar, and I notice that, for some reason, HeiDDi puts fingerquotes around the word "'calendar,' you know, for both tribes." As HeiDDi paints a grid, Rob voice-overs that he's been working on their story in the Amazon. He talks about HeiDDi's manmade breasts adding, "This is the hottest girl I've ever talked to. Even though she's wearing a retainer all the time." HeiDDi boasts that she and Rob are "pretty creative about this whole calendar event" and is proud that she can remember "day by day" what's happened to them. It's twenty days, people. Not twenty years. Rob continues that it's exciting for him to be "in such close contact with this girl and not have to have a handful of singles in my hand."

Roger put an end to all this supposed "fun" by citing the tribe's "tendency" to be festive while forgetting the need for a new shelter. So the men hacked things and Christy wanted to start putting the floorboards down, but Roger thought palm-frond-splitting was more appropriate womanly work, as evidenced by the fact that Rob was already doing it. So Christy animatedly bitched in an interview about wanting to help while Roger felt like everything was in place for a 6-4 Tribal Council vote against the women -- Tambaqui's original plan. He announced, "You know, it should just be...kick 'em off!" Meanwhile, HeiDDi was desperate to take out Roger, and Deena "oh, no no no"ed her. HeiDDi didn't care who left after Roger, but a snake apparently did as it cocked its head to listen. In an interview -- in which Matt stood beside him looking typically stumped -- Alex told us that Roger was under the mistaken belief that a girl would go next.

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