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During the immunity challenge, Roger wore seven layers of clothing and prematurely jumped off his perch. Surprisingly, the editors miss the chance here to repeat Jenna and HeiDDi's nudity for peanuts. Literally. Deena clutched her crotch and gave the thumbs-up before personally claiming the victory and fistbopping Christy.

So Jackée took its first joint trip to Tribal Council, where Roger felt confident and safe from the vote, claiming that if he'd really needed the immunity, he would have put more into the challenge. He then got booted anyway, and tells us in his post-boot interview that he was and still is cocky. He blathers on about never losing that "self-confidence" and positivity and being an opinionated Type A leader, none of which, he insists, ever go away. Still, he admits that he should have laid low and "exuded" less confidence. He credits the others for being better at the game than he is. But only at the game! Because they're obviously worse than he is at everything else.

On Day 22 at Jackée, Davey Rockett "pondered" his new situation. He looked stumped and pensive before telling us in an interview that his "stability" had been turned upside down, and then something else about "put[ting his] roots into Roger." He realized that he needed to play according to the new situation, and tried to prove his value to the tribe by scaling a twenty-foot tree using just his arms, and giving a rain-soaked interview/personal ad. He concluded by telling us that his goal was to build alliances with the remaining contestants. And maybe if he'd spent less time swing dancing, he could have made that happen. Because in new footage, we next find Jackée at night, with Christy and Davey Rockett on fire watch while the rest of the tribe sleeps. He whispers to Christy about his feelings of guilt for his "Tambaqui behavior." He admits to having voted for her, and claims to feel bad about it. Juxtaposed into this conversation is an interview in which Davey Rockett tells us he wants to clean the slate -- make sure there are no feelings, and hey! if he manages to score a vote or two in the process, then he'll just have to live with it. Davey Rockett tells Christy that people want to get rid of him and it "kinda sucks." He then explains in an interview that, "shortly thereafter," Christy said she liked so dance. He acts like it's a rare coincidence that he likes to dance, too. He then asked her if she could swing dance, but she only knew salsa so he "took the opportunity" to teach her dancing. Suddenly, he goes all Swayze on us and Johnny Castles about six beats and four beats and leading and following and nobody puts baby in a corner! Oh. Anyway. As swing music plays quietly in the background, we pan over Dave's and Christy's moving feet to his hand on her waist and her grinning face. He leads her through an underarm turn, and she looks pretty happy about it, although I kind of think I spot a quick eye roll. Davey Rockett says in interview that it was the most entertaining fire watch he's been on so far. Christy then tells us that she thinks Davey Rockett was exaggerating how much he appreciates her. If he really appreciated her, he could have showed her throughout the game instead of "like, the day before you think you're gonna get voted off." Hee.

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