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In the mask-busting trivia immunity challenge that I still maintain should have been a reward challenge, Davey Rockett's hopes are "smashed." This is a pun-heavy Peachy script. Jenna was the last one standing, and so took immunity into the eighth Tribal Council, where Davey Rockett made a final plea to the tribe -- he'd like to spend the next few days with the other players and it turns out he gets that wish: as the first member of the jury. In his post-boot interview, he tells us he was surprised to be perceived as a threat and thought to himself, "Wait a minute. Now I'm the bad guy." He cites his experience as a "prime example" of how difficult it is to plan more than a few days in advance while playing Survivor. He admits to having miscalculated, and employs an extended "thin ice" metaphor that I won't go into here.

On Day 25, the Jackée alliance of Deena, Rob, Alex, and Jenna fell apart as HeiDDi tongued herself and insisted that Matt wasn't in the picture, while Deena slow-talked about the necessity of getting rid of Alex. So HeiDDi wrote that news down with her Number Two pencil on a piece of yellow lined notebook paper folded up like a football and passed it along to Jenna who then passed it along to Alex. Alex then passed the little football note along to Rob, adding a line about going for Deena instead of Butch or Christy.

The challenge put the "tribe's appetite for immunity" to the test, and Deena gave up in the final round, because Matt's a really, really good insect eater. I notice for the first time that the individual immunity necklace is made entirely of lettuce and carrots. At Tribal Council, Deena's decision to quit the bug-off cost her the game as she became the second member of the jury. In her post-boot interview, she tells us it was "game on" from the beginning and proclaims it okay to be "downright dirty." She says that Alex had more influence over the girls than she did, and though she thought she had everything under control, it all came crashing down around her. She chooses to employ an extended "house of cards" metaphor, but I won't go into that, either.

We wrap up the special with shots of the remaining seven castaways in action while Peachy voice-overs that the "stakes have never been higher." He says we'll learn how the S7's decisions will affect the jury and what adventures await them, before imploring us to keep watching to find out who will outlast the rest to become the sole survivor. Not to mention the myriad ways we can mock them.

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