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On Day 10, the younger women at Jaburu "sought to solidify" their closeness. And, ooh ooh ooh -- a slick, frolicky otter! Sorry, distraction. Shawna called herself "meek or prissy" before suggesting that Deena join their alliance. Deena thought it was a good idea, since she always desperately wanted to hang out with the cool crowd.

At Tambaqui, new footage shows Matthew catching a small but edible fish, while Rob worries over his position in the game. He acknowledges that Matt is the hardest worker, and whines that although Rob tries to contribute, there's only so much he can do for the tribe. Rob flails while attempting to carry a pot before telling us that he's tried not to be lazy and to be well-liked in the tribe while also "schem[ing] and plot[ting] his fanny off." And again with the geezer-speak. "Fanny"? In a wide camera shot (predecessor to the forthcoming fisheye) interview, he worries that Davey Rockett, Alex, Butch, and Roger are contemplating voting him out next because their togetherness combined with Matt's usefulness around camp might lead them to the conclusion that "the guy that does the wisecracks isn't as useful as the guy that catches the fish." Particularly if said wisecracks are primarily of the "you've got treemail" variety.

As we go to the fire-making challenge, Peachy ambushes his own bad pun by telling us that "the men were fired up," instead of the better " the men were on fire," seeing as how they literally were. Matt pretended like he wasn't enjoying it. They toasted their victory with Coke, while Jaburu returned to camp empty-handed, and Coke deprivation led to Shawna's breakdown. She didn't see herself lasting much longer without Coke, and that she would be "very tempted" to get out to get some Coke. Deena, meanwhile, didn't think she'd be able to further enable Shawna's Coke habit by sending her home.

Shawna sat out the fish-clubbing challenge on Day 12 while the men "fished their way to immunity" and prevailed, sending the women to Tribal Council. Even though Shawna's Coke withdrawal made her weak, the alliance planned to "keep her trapped in the Amazon" as part of Deena's master plan for world domination. While Deena claimed to feel compassion for Shawna, they had an agreement, and she doesn't want Shawna's Coke habit dragging her down, too. Deena instead focuses on Joanna -- the most "physical" member of the tribe. She tells us that Joanna has too much power and too much force. In other words, Deena can't boss her around. Not to mention she's nutso. Deena camera-talks, "Shawna, guess what: you're not in charge here. It's about the core alliance. Suck it up, baby. 'Cause you're along for the ride." So Joanna got voted out instead of the Coke-swilling Shawna, while Jeanne was mad and teary-eyed. In her post-boot interview, Joanna claims that she didn't expect to be voted out so soon, but that she knew Deena would "come after [her]," because of her presence as a strong leader. She complains about the "nasty" water, and bitches that she was struggling with no help while "everybody's layin' out lookin' crazy." And crazy would best know how crazy looks. She tells us it's hot, she's hungry, and she's been playing the game by herself. And with God, of course.

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