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On Day 16, everyone on Jaburu was getting along, and Matthew complained that the members of his original tribe were too "tactical." Alex and Shawna groomed each other, and then Alex blahed on about romance in the air, interest in the air, flirting in the air, blah in the air. Jenna felt like a tagalong dork at the drive-in.

In new Tambaqui footage, Roger asks Christy if she listens to music through headphones. She says that she does, but really loudly, so it's embarrassing to take them anywhere because people "shhh" her. In an interview, Davey Rockett tells us that the new tribe was coming together and old alliances were "melting." We rejoin the tribe as Roger announces that he's stopped at many traffic lights where the music in the car next to him was really loud. I'm so sure all those cars were populated by deaf people. In any case, Christy pauses before humoring him by admitting that some deaf people "overdo" it with the bass in booming techno music. Butch didn't want to lose another member of the tribe because they'd bonded so well and made Christy feel good about herself. Christy's primary role on Survivor is apparently to make other people feel good about making her feel good about herself. Christy asks the others if they want to learn to sign, and she teaches them a little cheer that means "Team Fish." In an interview, she tells us it's great that people want to learn because she can actually contribute, for once. Roger tries to look earnest as he wriggles his hands around while Christy adds that she would instruct them and then tweak the other's gestures to be more accurate. While Christy talks, the Music of Special People Reaching Out to Other Special People twinkles in the background. Christy happily concludes her interview, telling us that Tambaqui is now her tribe and her new home. Davey Rockett likes the "Team Fish" cheer and sees no reason why they need to learn anything else. Or do it ever again, for that matter.

Two little otters tread water and use their little hands/flippers/paws to eat. One ducks under the water.

In the next challenge, the Tambaqui tribe gnawed their way to victory. And it was something nasty! Matt picked meat out of his teeth while Davey Rockett looked repelled and exhausted from the recently completed task. Seriously, if you have this on tape, go back and look at poor Davey Rockett's facial expression.

So Jaburu went to Tribal Council, where Shawna insisted with outrage that she was in it "for the long haul." Did she think they forgot when she wanted to leave? Still, "while Alex helplessly looked on," Shawna was voted out of the tribe, and Peachy may or may not have checked out her ass as she departed. In her post-boot interview, she tells us she thought she was a twenty-three-year-old "bad-ass" and a "rock." She also proves that she spent some time with Rob when she calls herself a "pantywaist." She admits to having dug her own grave, and claims that Survivor was the hardest thing she's ever done.

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