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Mother's Day Massacre

Peachy assures us that next season will be fun, but that he's not done with this season yet. He claims that people are still talking about one of the Amazon's most controversial moments: when HeiDDi and Jenna "took off all their clothes in front of twenty million viewers for peanut butter and chocolate." There's a very long shot of the competitors standing on their perches, before Butch isn't looking at HeiDDi's skin suit. Jenna gleefully takes it all off, while HeiDDi worries over where to keep her clothes, and fusses with her shorts-shackled ankles. Everyone claps as Peachy calls it a "great moment" in the history of the women's movement. Actually, he just calls it a "great moment," but even that is intensely questionable.

Peachy turns to Jenna, pointing out that she lives at home: "You got your parents." She can't say they're exactly proud of her, but she told them she was starving, it was already done, and she promised she wouldn't do it again. She broke the news to her father when he visited her in the Amazon so that "all the love and happiness to see [her] would kind of overshadow it." She then had him tell her mom. She can't say it was her "shining moment," but her parents are never really disappointed in her and besides, she says, "I love food!" If she loves it so much, she should try eating some of it some time.

Peachy thinks HeiDDi might have had a different experience as a school teacher, and suggests that it must have been tough to go back home. HeiDDi admits that it was difficult, but talks about her supportive family and the fact that she'd lost close to twenty pounds and looked "disgusting." And for once, I completely agree with her. Peachy wants to show another video, but she cuts him off to add that the act was not about the game but about hunger, and that once she saw the food, it was all she could think about. Peachy gets his video in -- a montage of thin people who started out thin and got even thinner. We see gaunt Alex, HeiDDi's unstoppable bosoms, and a couple shots of Matthew. Considering he's with Ryan in one of them, it's not showing us much except that Matthew was thin to begin with. Or maybe it's supposed to be a contrast against the next shot with Matthew's ribs showing in the back, but it's really not a very dramatic difference. Peachy points out how much weight everyone lost.

Peachy turns to Deena, revealing that she surprised him at one point with her readiness to give up the game because of her hunger. She says, "And I came in with a boatload of body fat, too!" It's sad that this show forces average-size women to plead fatness in exchange for audience laughter. Deena recalls the Coke challenge her tribe lost and calls it "probably one of the twenty most depressing moment of [her] life." She thought to herself, "Forget this. I'm an attorney and I make so much money. Get me out of here."

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