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Mother's Day Massacre

Peachy doesn't even know where to begin, but clearly he does, since he turns to the most potentially venomous woman: Jeanne. He asks where the problems initiated, and she responds -- through new, unflattering bangs -- that she wasn't aware it was even going on, because she was busy working so hard. Jeanne adds that she was "thrown for a loop" when the episode aired, and Peachy asks HeiDDi what made the younger women stick together. HeiDDi has pencil-thin, Pamela Anderson eyebrows -- and Pamela Anderson everything else, for that matter -- laughably claims that she began the game as "an athlete," but from the very first day people were glaring and snickering at her. She decided that since the others were making it into a "looks issue," she would look at the situation the same way. She dismissively holds up a hand, and turns without making eye contact to mutter, "I am sorry if I offended anybody. Truly I am." She insists that she was being constantly mocked because she was "too little, too weak," when all she ever wanted was to be part of Joanna and Jeanne's camp-building efforts, but they wanted nothing to do with her. Butch stares at his hands, probably embarrassed to be within a hundred yards of this discussion. Jeanne shakes her head in dismay as she insists that it wasn't "a problem with her beauty or size or anything," but because HeiDDi wasn't doing her share of the work. The audience claps and laughs along with Jeanne, while HeiDDi looks peeved. Peachy asks Jeanne if there's any substance to HeiDDi's assertion that the others were younger and willing to use their assets, while she wasn't and didn't. Jeanne shrugs and points out that they got further than she did. Peachy questions whether it was difficult for her to watch the show and hear their comments, and Jenna looks uncomfortable as Jeanne responds that it was indeed hard, but that she was with her friends and family members, who judge her the way they want to see her. So her friends and family members judge her, too -- just differently? Peachy commends Jeanne, who looks like she's in "rockin' shape!" and she proudly agrees that she is, before Kim Cattrall-ing that women over forty know what they want and are very comfortable with themselves and their bodies. She insists that she's very proud of herself "and women," in general. She smiles. Aw.

Peachy calls Deena a "neutral observer," and asks about her take on the situation. He again takes the opportunity to use the words "younger, prettier girls." Deena really believes that Jenna, HeiDDi, and Shawna were disadvantaged by being part of an all-female tribe, because their greatest assets were beauty and their "manipulation abilities." But when the tribes were redivided, she could see them making new alliances. She points out that it worked for them, and that they used the situation to the best of their abilities. She keeps using the phrase "their abilities," in this discussion, and I can so hear, "Did you get a load of the abilities on her?" making its way into the lexicon. Shawna laughs in the background while Christy has really thin lips. Deena adds, "If I had it, I'd have flaunted it, too," and Peachy disbelievingly asks, "Really?" Deena pauses before responding, "No." Hee.

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