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Mother's Day Massacre

Peachy is now suddenly sitting in the audience, welcoming us back and reminding the audience that storms have been wreaking havoc across the Midwest. He points out that two of the S16 -- HeiDDi from Missouri and Butch from Illinois -- are from areas that have been severely damaged. He poorly puns that Survivor "caught wind" of a story in Oklahoma as we see footage of a destroyed house. Peachy tells us about the Williams family, whose home was destroyed by a storm; depending on how we look at it, they are either "interesting, funny, or pathetic." And I'll bet the family Williams didn't fly up from Oklahoma expecting to be called "pathetic" on national television. We see footage of a large man and his belly-baring, giggling wife as they stand beside the wreckage of their home. The man tells us they got their generator hooked up, the refrigerator running (Quick! Go catch it!), and "got that TV on so [they] can watch Survivor" To his credit, he's laughing at himself as he says this. We then see that he and his wife and their two sons are sitting right next to Peachy, but more important, we see that Rudy is sitting right in front of Peachy. Yay Rudy! Peachy calls the Williams family "temporarily homeless," and thought they deserved to see the finale live from New York. ["That's it? I thought they were going to say that CBS bought them a new house -- or at least a deluxe vacation somewhere less windy." -- Wing Chun] And Marge is there too! Yay Rudy and Marge! Mr. Williams -- whose first name is, according to my likely erroneous notes, "William" -- tells us that their home is in bad shape and that they have a structural engineer coming out in the next week to decide if they should tear it down or fix it. Mr. Williams says, "I think they oughta just tear it down." Peachy is glad that they're okay, and hopes they're soon on their feet.

Peachy tries to return to the stage, but encounters some awkwardness getting there, as he tells us that the shoot, before the storms started, was supposed to take place at Wolman Rink in New York. Peachy apparently goes through puberty as his voice cracks its way through explaining that they began rebuilding the set at 8 that morning, and that Dave Letterman was "nice enough" to volunteer his set at the last minute. ["Yeah, I'm sure that was all his decision and that Les Moonves didn't have to strong-arm him into it at all." -- Wing Chun] He narrates that they "threw up" the Tribal Council set, transported the S16, and that was that.

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