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An Emerging What?

Jeff asks Nick about fighting for immunity, and Nick can only say that he desperately wanted to stay, and that was his thought. Austin, on the other hand, decides to confess his decision to "act like [he] couldn't hang." Jeff asks whether this means that he had a strategy to look weak, and Austin says yes. Why he would explain this is beyond me. I guess he really does think he's being voted out and it won't matter? It's otherwise an awfully strange decision. Not only do you not want to give up your particular strategy, but you don't really want people thinking that you have the capacity for strategy if you're capable of making yourself seem blank and dumb. Which Austin certainly is.

Jeff moves on to Shane, hassling him about the fact that once there was no food, he dropped to the ground. Shane can only explain that his group has all the power, so why would he waste his energy? Aras tells Jeff that he's not particularly worried about the cockiness of his group, but that he is worried about who might have the immunity idol. Jeff starts to poll the Casaya members on how surprised they would be if anyone flipped and voted with the La Minans, and they all say they'd be shocked -- or, in Cirie's case, "flabbergasted."

Now, Jeff points out that Terry has immunity, and that several of them have been to Exile Island, so whether that will come into play, we will have to see. Nick is up first. He votes. Sally votes. Austin votes for Shane, erroneously referring to him as a "cool guy." Terry votes. Cirie votes. Shane votes. Aras votes. Chiclets votes. Courtney votes for Nick, saying that she's "really sad." Bruce votes.

Jeff earns a little love by reading all four of the votes for Shane first. Shane is indeed a little twitchy, but the next six votes go for Nick, so Nick is gone. Jeff points out that Nick has not been to Exile Island, so unless someone has given him the idol, he's done. Wait, you can give away the idol? Did we know that? Did they decide that before right now? I hate it when the rules are arbitrary, dammit. Nick gets up, hugs Austin, and walks over to be snuffed. Jeff sends everyone back to camp.

Nick's goodbye speech involves telling the youth of America to go out and do really awesome things, or something. It's kind of like that non-profit organization Andrew Shue started. Nick wants you to follow your dreams. Unless you dream of Andrew Shue, in which case: don't.

Next week: Terry decides that when you're down 6-3, that's the time to make your strategic move. Casaya keeps bickering. Somebody calls Aras stupid, and he objects, which he shouldn't do.

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