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An Emerging What?

We then get to watch Bruce paint the flag. Apparently, he's an art teacher, so he does a very fancy flag for the new tribe, called "Gitanos," which is Spanish for "gypsies." There's no question that the flag he creates is by far the fanciest and loveliest that the show has ever seen, so good for him. Or, you know, good for him, to the extent that you think making good tribe flags is the best part of the show. It's like watching the Olympics for the bobsled uniforms.

Behold the colorful bird. Awk, awk!

Austin and Aras are taking a walk, looking for...firewood, maybe? Anyway, Austin tells Aras that Terry had this theory that perhaps they could all, you know, get together. Because Terry knows he's a target. "Yeah, he's first one out," Aras says casually and idiotically, considering that Terry's possible possession of the idol means that they should never, ever tell La Mina who's going next. Austin pushes harder, inquiring about whom Aras is close to on Casaya. Aras gives...not at all the response Austin is hoping for, when he says that he's good with everybody. Austin interviews with a grin that it quickly became clear that cracking anything open over at Casaya was not going to be easy. I love watching guys like Aras and Austin strategize against each other. It's a battle to see who's less meandering, like watching two raindrops make their way down a window.

Now, Terry tries his approach on Shane. He explains how...well, again, he's offering Shane nothing but F6. I think it's actually a worse offer than he made to Bruce, plus he tells Shane to come over with Cirie, not Bruce, and as far as we know, Bruce hasn't answered yet, so he's now offering half the Casaya alliance his faithfulness. He's offering to make a seven-person alliance when there are ten people left. That's not going to work, especially on the ones who are already part of a six-person alliance. Terry keeps talking about how this would keep Shane and Cirie safe "for the next two weeks," and it's really dumb, because it's not clear whether he's talking about two actual weeks (meaning, like, four more votes after this one), in which case it...wouldn't keep them safe that long, or talking about two votes, in which case it would keep them safe longer than that. It makes him sound addled, and not exactly like he has the whole thing knocked. Shane interviews that the "desperation" is a little obvious. "Why would we want to join your tribe, homey?" he wonders to the camera, talking about how his tribe is just going to knock them all off and so forth. Shane magnanimously allows that he would be doing the same thing in Terry's position. That's certainly how I judge my behavior. WWSD?

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