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An Emerging What?

Now, Terry makes the same approach to Cirie -- that she and Shane can join the La Minans for...apparently no benefit to her whatsoever. I will now steal a description of this offer from the friend who described it to me this week like this: "Leave your combustible alliance of self-destructive dimbulb flakes and join our tight-knit alliance of buff men! You can totally come in sixth!" It's very true, no? Cirie interviews that this entire thing is sort of laughable to her, because he has nothing to bargain with. She's getting pretty cocky with her comparison to a dictionary salesman working on someone who already owns an encyclopedia ( know, people have been known to make use of both of those references, Cirie), but Terry opened himself up to it by making approaches that were that lame.

Terry just appears to have no understanding of the fact that in order to get people to do something, you have to convince them that it's in their interests. How hard is that to get? Nobody's going to jump to your alliance unless they're going to do better if they do. If he was going to convince Cirie and Bruce to join, he needed to offer them something better than "glom onto the bottom of our group." He needed to go out on a limb and offer them something more like at least F4. Cut the boys out, tell Bruce and Cirie that once it gets down to six, they'll knock off the boys and go to F4 with him and Sally. Do something besides just offer them the same deal they already have. In a sense, though, what makes Casaya a hard alliance to break is the chaotic nature of it. When an alliance has a clear pecking order, you can get people from the bottom of it, because they know that they're screwed otherwise. If Bruce and Cirie both knew for sure they would go, because the other four had a solid, lasting F4 alliance, then they might well be amenable to an offer from Terry about F4 with, say, him and Sally. But the disorganization of the Casaya group really means that to a great degree, nobody really knows what will happen when they get down to six. Shane and Aras act like the leaders, but I actually think they have the most enemies and might go first. Or Bruce might go first. Or Courtney might go first. Nobody really knows how that alliance is organized, so it's very hard to break, because it really is a relatively shapeless group of six people. They're protecting themselves by being simpletons, which is kind of ironically awesome.

Later, around the fire with the four LaMinans and Shane and Cirie, Terry looks at Shane and is all, "Are you in?" And Shane, bless his heart, is funny for once as he's basically like, "In what?" Seriously. Terry tries to argue his case, but Shane makes it clear that the case, she is closed. Terry interviews that his plans appear to be coming to nothing, but that he's still hoping to convince someone. There's got to be someone who will give you something for nothing!

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