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Rocky (Hit The) Road
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Previously on You Can't Spell 'Misogyny' Without...Looking It Up: the tribes were mixed up, leaving most of the young dudes to battle most of the non-annoying people (and a few annoying people), and Lisi went to Exile Island. The immunity challenge went to Moto, leaving poor Anthony twisting in the wind. After Rocky tried to beat him up and push him around for a while, Anthony found himself pushed out the door, with only the hope of Rocky's booting to keep him company.

We open at Ravu, on Day 17, where it seems like things can hardly get worse. Ravu's lost every challenge, they've just sent home probably the only guy on the entire tribe who didn't royally suck donkey feet, and they have nowhere to sleep except on the sand, which probably now carries the impressions of everyone's individual butt by now. But then, of course, we cut to a boat that is carrying Lisi back from Exile Island, and we recall that of course, things can always get worse. Sometimes, they get worse with a cowboy hat on, as is the case here. As the guys await Lisi's arrival, "Dreamz" speculates that she's going to quit as soon as she gets there and looks around at her situation. Alex says that he doesn't think so -- Lisi just "felt threatened by the other girls," so this will be fine for her. It's an interesting analysis, because he's not entirely wrong, but he still comes across exactly like guys always do when they explain about women's insecurities, which is to say: badly. Edgardo thinks Lisi was being influenced by Stacy. I agree that would be detrimental to anyone. Alex interviews that Lisi's little quitting meltdown (which was recently discussed by Probst in an interview that revealed that it was longer and more extreme than was shown, which kind of explains a little better why people keep yapping on and on about it) concerned him, but he knows that she talks out of her ass, and her ass is fickle.

Speaking of Lisi's ass, she now drags it out of the boat and up onto the beach. The guys are talking amongst themselves about how much Lisi is going to love all the attention on the new tribe, and I'm kind of intrigued by what kind of attention they think she's going to receive, unless they know something I don't. Edgardo doesn't get it either, but the answer comes back (from Mookie, I think): "Five guys with ears." The guys all huh-huh together, because chicks talk too much, huh-huh, and then Lisi walks up to them, refreshed by her time on Exile Island. As they welcome her, she says that Exile is not as bad as it is reputed to be. Whatever -- that's what they say about tetanus shots, too. She tells us that upon arrival at Exile Island, she "cracked up." But of course, she swears that breaking down makes you put yourself together better. If the weekend I just spent moving out of my apartment while experiencing intermittent spectacular meltdowns from the stress -- which sometimes landed on anyone who tried to help me (sorry, Mom!) -- is any indication, I certainly hope that this is true. "Dreamz" tells Lisi that the guys thought she might quit, and she goes on to explain how freaked out she was about the tribe shuffle, which shocked her because she apparently...kind of doesn't get how the show works. It's called a twist, lady. Be glad they didn't produce a long-lost relative and force him to eat worms. Lisi confidently interviews that there may be problems in the tribe, because she's so close with Edgardo and Alex, and "Dreamz" and Rocky and Mookie may try to get in on her action, as it were. As if she's determined to prove everything that was being said about her in her absence to be entirely true, Lisi begins a long-form explanation to the gathered guys about her "spiritual enlightenment." They all look bored, but they pass their reactions off as laughing with her, pretty much. "Dreamz" reminds us that, at Moto, he and Lisi did not dig each other. He does not seem prepared to forgive and forget now that the shoe is on the other bed-deprived foot. Thus, "she should be worried out of her mind."

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