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Rocky (Hit The) Road

Jeff says that he will go and tally. When he returns, he asks if anyone wants to play the idol. There is very minor suspense before it becomes clear that nobody has it, and nobody is playing it. First vote goes to Lisi. Then Lisi again. Then Rocky. Then Rocky again. And...Rocky! And...Rocky! Ha ha ha! He's gone. And Jeff says that he's "the first member of [their] jury," so we've got that big jury again, and you can kind of tell it's going to be full of ungracious pricks, because that's practically all that's left. Rocky is snuffed, and he walks off, saying goodbye only to the "boys." And why not? Girls are dumb! Don't talk to girls! Jeff tells the group that being blindsided can happen to anyone, so he hopes they're all happy. Nyah!

In his final words, Rocky yells, and he says that he's "extremely pissed off." He says that he's on the jury now, and hopes none of them gets the money. That's right; he's going to refuse to vote at all. That'll show them. I'm glad to know he's taking it like a big man. A big man named Rosey Grier in Free To Be You And Me.

Next week: Lisi is stressed out. Boo tries to dance. Digging for the idol goes on without the person who found the clues. Did I mention Boo dancing?

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