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Rocky (Hit The) Road

Cassandra is the second person out for Moto before Alex even drops off his tiles. As soon as Alex gets back, he demands that Lisi let him do the calling, even though it doesn't actually appear to me that she did all that bad a job. I don't know that the swinging was really her fault, you know? But in any event, Alex orders her to get down, and she does. Alex opens his calling career by leading Edgardo to crash into a pole. Welcome to Alex's gift for leadership, Blunt Metaphor Edition.

Michelle is leading Cassandra, once again shimmying her hips with excitement as she does. Cassandra is also giddy over finding and delivering the tiles, and then she's on her way back.

Calling continues -- Earl and "Dreamz" go. Boo and Rocky go. Boo has a little trouble with "right" and "left," predictably, leading Michelle to call out in frustration, "Yes, that way, that's your left!" just as the music guys brilliantly splice in just a touch of Beethoven's Fifth. Meanwhile, Rocky actually gets told by Alex, "Smash!," calling many Hulk jokes to the surface. Then Yau Man leaves for Moto. As she's leading Yau Man down the rail, Michelle isn't even moving side to side that much, particularly, but she doesn't realize that she's at the edge of her platform. So as Yau Man's blindly rattling along, Michelle yells and yells until the moment when she just falls right off the side of the platform, in a way that looks very hilarious once you know that she didn't hurt herself, which she easily could have. It kind of looks like Wile E. Coyote going off the edge of the canyon, cycling his legs and hanging for just a minute before he drops. What's genius is that they have a great shot of Yau Man running down the course as Michelle does her death drop into the dirt in the background. Certainly are a lot of unpredictable falls this season. Michelle immediately giggles at herself and climbs right back up, at which point she starts trying again to scream instructions to Yau Man. Either he's farther away or his hearing isn't as good or both, but he appears not to be able to hear Michelle. Mookie is now on the course for Ravu, so they kind of need to move things along. Boo declares that he has a loud voice, and he offers to take over. Unfortunately, once he's up on the platform, he declares himself temporarily blind (from...the sun? from...the blindfold? I don't know) and has to rub his eyes. You might think he'd have checked to see if he could see before offering to be the caller, but you would be wrong. Yau Man is successfully guided by Boo, though, through the process of smashing the skull and delivering the tiles, so he returns to Moto before Mookie. Who, incidentally, spectacularly smashes himself into the railing, abdomen-first. I think his kidneys felt that one. Moto hauls ass down the course to start the puzzle-solving. Mookie racks himself one more time, and I like to think that ending to this phase was just for me.

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