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The Cheese Stands Alone

We focus on the very full, very orange moon, and then on one skittering animal, followed by many skittering animals. The music skitters, too. The S3 sit inside the shelter and manically swat at themselves and the air around them. Actually, Jenna and Rob manically swat at themselves and the air around them, while Matthew casually fans himself. Rob asks if there's anything they can do about the insects, which Jenna proclaims "like, killer moths." More swatting. More scratching. More casual fanning. Jenna covers her head and Rob pulls himself into a tight little ball making for the least possible amount of flesh for the moths to attack. He then tells us in an exhausted-looking interview that after they thought the worst was over -- the rain -- they were attacked by moths. He continues, "And they just wanted to crash right into us like kamikaze moths!" He doesn't know where they all came from because he hasn't seen one in the thirty-seven days they've been there, but last night they were everywhere. An unfazed Matt agrees that there are a lot of moths, and Rob calls them "crazy," while Jenna concludes that they're "like, dive-bombing."

It's the morning of Day 38, and Matt is hacking again. Rob estimates that each one of them will get sixteen or seventeen manioc patties. We see the patties piled up in rows as Jenna exclaims that it's like the best day of her life: "Babasu nuts up the ass and manioc!" Rob interviews that when they woke up that morning, they decided to have the biggest breakfast of their thirty-eight days in the Amazon. Matthew and Rob agree that they'll not only have the most manioc "to date," but that they'll also have the most babasu. Matthew proclaims it "a big meal for a big day," and Jenna congratulates Rob on the very good manioc patties.

A bird soars for a really long time as they head off on a treemail check. Jenna proposes that they might get a candy bar, while Rob narrates, "Mr. Treemail's got one last thing to tell us." And I'm so glad that whatever Mr. Treemail has to say is not "You've got treemail," again. Matthew encourages Rob and Jenna each to put a hand on the treemail in order to open it up together. It turns out to be a parchment-covered scale, which reads, "It's not a challenge, just fun to do. So step on up, see what's left of you." As the S3 return to camp with the scale, Jenna reveals that she interpreted the clue as "See what's left of you," as in, what's literally off to the left, and that she expected to see something there. Rob calls her crazy. A monkey looks at her like she's crazy. Rob asks, "When it says -- when somebody tells you -- 'that's right' -- do you turn to your right?" Hee. She doesn't, by the way.

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