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The Cheese Stands Alone

As the S3 head off in the canoe -- with Jenna actually paddling -- Matthew travelogues that the opportunity to ride on the seaplane and "go above the canopy" to see the many inaccessible things was amazing. He says they were happy and excited -- it felt like a reward for all the time they'd spent there. We see the plane in the murky water as Matthew adds that they "paddled up to the seaplane, climbed in, and we were off! We were gone!"

The plane propeller clunks a few rotations before getting itself together, and the plane takes off to the accompaniment of swirling, dramatic music. The plane soars; the scenery is pretty; the land is green; the water is blue and sparkly. Jenna and Rob admire a dolphin down below, and the driver looks like my husband's godfather. Hi, Uncle Tony! More soaring plane. More green. More blue. Matt has his arm around Uncle Tony. We see Jenna staring straight ahead at the front of the plane -- maybe there's a mirror there? -- while Rob stares at her; Jenna voice-overs that it's hard to grasp how large and beautiful the Amazon is, and it's something everyone should try to experience once in their lives. Matthew enunciates his way through "We saw rolling, green carpets of jungle," and further explains that it was an exhilarating feeling to escape camp and take in their surroundings from "high above the jungle floor." He says it's difficult to describe in words, but that it didn't stop him from trying. Rob voice-overs that it was a nice opportunity to enjoy the amazing scenery "that [they've] been a part of out here." He doesn't heed Peachy's advice, though, as he tells us that strategies are still in play and that "this game is pretty far from over."

The plane lands, and we see the S3 paddling along as Matthew continues to J. Peterman that they "boarded" a small canoe and "navigated through a weed-choked river" to a small hut. "Weed-choked"? As sophisticated as he tries to sound, it quickly disappears as he picks up a small item, holds it over his groin, and asks, "And what's this? Like, some sort of crotch protector?" Rob snits, "I don't think it's a cup!" and Jenna snarks, "It's a little small to be a cup there, cowboy." Matthew happily echoes, "Cowboy!" As we see the various craft opportunities, Jenna tells us from a redheaded interview that they had cool stuff, including beads and flowers, and that they decorated themselves and "went crazy and paint[ed] each other's faces." We see shots of the S3 bedecking themselves and each other, and they appear to have a little guidebook of tribal facial decorations. Jenna ties a floral garter on her thigh. The music then slows down to boings, and then even slower to a dramatic hum. Rob, who has war stripes on his face now, voice-overs that he doesn't know what's ahead for the immunity challenge, but what he does know is that it's the most critical immunity of the game. He's prepared for everything -- "mental, physical, anything" -- which is his first big mistake, since the last immunity challenge is always an endurance challenge. He concludes, "This one could cost me a million dollars if I'm not successful here today."

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